Advertise with Us has a wide reach of North American and International users that are looking to make their next equipment purchase. Because it is a review-focused site, our traffic is very targeted to people searching for product information and comparisons to make a purchasing decision.

Some current statistics (as of January 2018):

  • Over 852,500 Unique Visitors come to this site every year.
  • Over 2.8-million Visits are made to this site each year.
  • Over 11.7-million Page Views per year.
  • Our traffic is targeted to users looking for reviews/ratings on equipment to make better purchases. Users often arrive at this site from searching "productname reviews" in Google, so we know their intentions are often to make a purchase soon, and the purpose of the website is to help users to compare products and make more educated buying decisions.

Advertising Methods

There are several ways to advertise on

  • "Buy from Retailer" Links
    • On the detailed page of a product, there is often a link directly to a retailer's product page for that specific product, putting them 1 step away from clicking "Add to Cart" in your shop.
      See how the Butterfly Tenergy 05 Product Page links to's page for the Tenergy 05.
  • Retailer Profile
    • Get a Retailer Profile on the Table Tennis Retailers (Where to Buy) page, with a listing in your specific region. Thousands of people view this page every month, looking for a place to buy equipment.
  • Banner Ads
    • You can also get graphical banner ads on the side or in the body of some select pages.
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