Friendship/729 Super 3-Star

Friendship/729 Super 3-Star Ball
Approx. $ 1 USD
Price $

User Ratings (6)

Hardness 8.0   
Medium hard
Roundness 9.4   
Perfect roundness every time!
Speed 9.7
Durability 7.6   
Last a long time
Consistency 8.2
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40mm

Reviews (3)

The_Coach  on 3/1/2010

These balls are really hard, round and fun to play with (white version). I got them a couple of days ago so I can't really say anything about their durability. So far, a quality ball.
EdwinXVS  on 12/10/2008

This balls are as good as any other ball but is true that is fast but for the price you can't beat it.
JonathanJ  on 11/27/2008

Actually not that bad of a ball, but WOW they're fast. I think so at least. They don't really allow for ample dwell time so to generate massive amounts of spin. Ya, I know it sounds weird, and I don't really get it either, but it's just what I observe. They do last a good while, and, best of all, they're VERY cheap: about $2.00 for three balls on average. They're just "good enough" quality, but LOL you can't beat the price. That's really the only reason I would get them... and I don't usually.

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