Butterfly 3-Star

Butterfly 3-Star Ball
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User Ratings (59)

Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Roundness 9.5   
Perfect roundness every time!
Speed 8.7
Durability 6.2   
Last a long time
Consistency 9.3
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40mm
Butterfly 40mm 3 Star balls are the official ball of the 2009 – 2010 World Table Tennis Championships. ITTF approved.

Please note orange balls have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.

Reviews (37)

qvoliszz  on 2/25/2015

A very good ball to play club competitions. Lighter then Nittaku 3 Star, same weight ike JOOLA Trainig ball. Speed is the same like Nittaku 3 star. Actually 2 or 3 balls do brake on every training ( 5 tables, 2 hours ). The surface doesn't loose it's grip and the characrerictics are quite identical until they break. A great ball to play competitions. They cost much money, so for training a DHS 3 star. Durability is not so good. I reviewed this ball in 2013 first, and now I update my opinion in 2015, these balls become less durable. Every 2 hours of training I break one ball. Maybe Butterfly lowered the durability to disguise the even poorer durability of their poly balls. White is more durable, yellow breaks after an hour. I'm a looper type not a smasher.
kayuhkuat  on 2/8/2015

Good roundness. Soft than nittaku but still have the speed.
Oldboy  on 12/6/2014

Update: Much better quality. Durable and decent in all ways.
pingpang  on 9/9/2014

A very good ball to play club competitions. Softer and lighter than Nittaku 3 star balls. Speedwise as good as any other balls. Has a true flight (that shows the quality of the balls) The ball surface doesn't loose it's grip and the characrerictics are quite identical until they break up. I would rank this as one of the best table tennis balls I ever played with. (unless one settle for a cheaper balls, then DHS, Double Fish and Globe brands come to my mind)
julio_takeuchi  on 8/5/2014

La mejor de todas, muy consistente y posee el peso ideal, dura bastante sobre todo la blanca, lo unico malo es el precio. La mejor entre mis 3 favoritas.

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