Champion Professional 3-Star

Champion Professional 3-Star Ball
Approx. $ 8 USD
Price $

User Ratings (2)

Hardness 5.2   
Roundness 5.0   
Rarely find an unround ball
Speed 7.5
Durability 6.0   
Last a long time
Consistency 5.0
Overall 8.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40mm
Champion Brand, Quality 3 star ITTF Approved White balls 40mm
These ball are about the best money can buy, Perfectly round, Hard like all professional players like them, and best of all They are packed in a Box of 6.


Reviews (2)

powerlefty  on 9/15/2013

Not that good of a ball but cheap.
Skippy  on 7/18/2011

Bad news first on these balls. You will find more out of round, or wobbly balls than in most makes of balls. These balls don't play super fast. These balls have some major positives though. These balls take a long time to glass over. They keep that new ball texture for a really long time, longer than any other balls I can recall. I still haven't broken one yet so out of 24 balls playing a few times a week for a couple weeks now to have no breaks is pretty amazing, and none of them are really even glassy yet. I gave these balls a pretty high rating despite at least 5 out of round balls out of 24. The 19 good balls I have are just great. Edit: These balls do last a fair amount of time, and they do keep from glassing over till they break.

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