DHS 40+ 3-Star

DHS 40+ 3-Star Ball
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User Ratings (15)

Hardness 6.4   
Medium hard
Roundness 7.5   
Rarely find an unround ball
Speed 7.4
Durability 3.9   
Consistency 7.8
Overall 7.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40+
DHS 3 star 40+ table tennis ball made of new plastic material Approved by ITTTF. Available in the middle of July 2014. Official ball of World Games 2014-2016 6 pcs pack

Reviews (9)

Reaper  on 3/9/2017

They were the first available and affordable a couple of years ago. They are fragile and feel lighter, and can't stand too many flat hits, the spin is decent and the rebound is similar to the celluloid kind, but slower. Use them if you have a tight budget and you are not too picky, but for serious tournament performance try to find something else.
regmonta  on 2/5/2017

The ball is supposed to weigh 2.7g (according to ITTF). DHS 40+ is significantly heavier than ideal. The bounce is not as consistent as Nittaku Premium 40+ due to roundness issues and variation in hardness. Chinese pros often play with DHS 40+ balls and you can see them check if the ball they got is round by spinning it on the table. Weight: 2.8 +/- 0.02g (ITTF requires: 2.67-2.77g starting in 2016, used to be 2.82 max before).
rmb  on 9/10/2016

I am an amateur player. I bought the balls online, and the first ball I used was very soft to the level that it could not be played. The seller provided me evidence that the balls are original, but apparently it is not uncommon that DHS balls are defectible. The other ball I used was better, but still very slow compared to other 40+ balls like Nittaku and Tibhar that my friends have.
playForever  on 12/26/2015

It is quite different than old material. The quality is also not consistent on one ball and on different balls. One example, if you use thumb to press on the ball surface, some areas are really soft (like those 1 star cheap brand balls), some areas are medium hard (the hardness and consistency of the hardness definitely are not compariable to the YinHe and XuShaoFa). I just couldn't believe this ball is used in many international tournament Does DHS have different quality 3 star balls like its Hurricane rubbers which have national team version, provincial versions and the retail version.
Eugeny_Shumilin  on 10/27/2015

Too heavy a ball for me. I've also played Yinhe and Nitakku Premium poly balls. Both are better while Nitakku is very good. I had no difficulty playing with it because its characteristics are so similar to a celluloid ball so that I couldn't even see any difference in its bounce and flight trajectory.

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