DHS Athens

DHS Athens Ball
Approx. $ 4 USD
Price $

User Ratings (23)

Hardness 7.8   
Medium hard
Roundness 8.2   
Perfect roundness every time!
Speed 8.7
Durability 7.1   
Last a long time
Consistency 8.7
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40mm
Used in the Olympics in Athens

Reviews (17)

Amigo  on 10/29/2013

Probably the best balls around in my opinion. Very good shape, and feel to it... Lasts few sessions (sometimes more sometimes less) but durability is good overall. Great quality for low price. My ball of choice.
t_murder  on 12/25/2012

I like the value of these balls. Make sure you don't get fakes. Sometimes you'll get some fakes that are wobbly, crack easy, and have defects. The real ones are very nice balls and last a long time.
Skippy  on 3/19/2011

These are my ball of choice for best value on the market thus far. They play quick. They don't glass up as quickly as some other brands. When they do glass up they break soon after that which is good in my book. I can always tell when I'm hitting this instead of a Nittaku Premium but I can't tell these from the Butterflies. The one good thing about these balls is that Nittaku Premium ball snobs that only play Nittaku Premiums will usually play these without complaining too much.
otakujo  on 4/19/2010

This is my ball of choice in white. Used in the 2004 olypics this is the most common ball used only second to nittaku premiums at all the clubs I frequent. Great deals online when you buy a 1/2 gross or full gross.
The_Coach  on 2/22/2010

I like these a lot. They're softer than the Nittaku premium and the best of the bunch the TSP. The Yasaka 3-star and this one are up there with the best in my opinion. A good ball with an average to long life span. Really great for the price. I don't know why they're cheaper than most other 3-star balls, but I'm not complaining! Great value for your money.

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