Donic 40+ 3-Star Poly

Donic 40+ 3-Star Poly Ball
Approx. $ 6 USD
Price $

User Ratings (11)

Hardness 7.1   
Medium hard
Roundness 5.8   
Rarely find an unround ball
Speed 6.7
Durability 4.6   
Last a long time
Consistency 6.5
Overall 6.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40+
Like all DONIC competition balls with optimum roundness.

The brand new DONIC 40+ ** cell-free balls with seam at an outstanding price/performance ratio!

Reviews (7)

blackbird74  on 9/30/2015

Out of a pack of 3, usually one is egg, one is half-egg and the other is usable. Break after 2-4 hours on average (shortest was 1 hour in my experience; longest 5 hours). This seems to be about average for most Poly balls though Fairly hard, even compared to they celluloid ones. Fairly slow. My ratings: hardness: Medium; roundness: Often egg; speed: 6.5; durability: average (for poly); consistency: usually different; overall: 5.2
Frank  on 7/10/2015

I agree that these balls have better quality then Tibhar and DHS balls but I still think that they break to easy. They did not feel so different from the old Celluloid ball but they were not as round as the old Donic ball. Not as spiny as I was hoping for.
animish  on 5/26/2015

Got a pack of 3 a few weeks back. still using the same balls. These balls are far more durable than DHS n Tibhar. the speed, spin, hardness are almost similar to other 3* poly balls.
santilohi  on 11/13/2014

Ha sido la primera pelota de plastico de 40+ provada y teniendo un comportamiento muy diferente a las anteriores pelotas , bastantes mejores, ya no gusto en absoluto y he ido probando otras de diferentes marcas , que aunque , tambien se produce un juego diferente tambien , no es tan notorio ,como en la DONIC , que aparte de ser esta mas lenta, ya que en cuanto al material y consistencia es regular , lo que si esta en muy inferioridad es en cuanto a la efectividad de la bola, ya que apenas adquiere rotacion , sobre todo el golpes suaves , el liftados y en en las cortadas con efecto y en efectuar el Top Spin Lateral . , O Side Spin, y deficitoria tambien , el la consecucion y ejecucion de los saques , ya que no tiene poque adherencia y rotacion como ya he expresado, por lo tanto en esta pelota , le doy la minima puntuacion positiva y la maxima puntuacion negativa. es la peor pelota provada hasta ahora. . comparando con las D.H.S. una de las mejores , sobre todo en efecto. La NITTAKU CHINA - La Cornilleau- La Joola - La Xushaofa-La Stiga-
Amilcar  on 10/29/2014

I had some problems to play with new plastic 40+.Well made but you need time to get used.

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