Galaxy 3-Star Poly Ball S40+

Galaxy 3-Star Poly Ball S40+ Ball
Approx. $ 11 USD
Price $

User Ratings (8)

Hardness 8.9   
Roundness 7.3   
Rarely find an unround ball
Speed 9.1
Durability 8.9   
These balls never break!
Consistency 9.3
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40+
YINHE polyball seamless (S40+ 3star)
ITTF Official approval product

Reviews (4)

ayoushinoki  4 months ago

Surprisingly consistent performance for an inexpensive ball. Lively feel on contact with bat. Steady, predictable flight path with no wobbling . Can impart heavy spin. No discrepancies between batches. Durable too. Currently the no. 1 favorite ball in my club due to its durability.
BMX2  on 5/16/2018

Cheap....often goes out of shape soon.
ronkim1993  on 3/23/2018

Very durable, cheap & performs well. And it's true, only loses to Nittaku Premium Ball.
ksigit  on 7/4/2017

Excelent ball! Only lose to Nittaku premium ball..

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