Gambler 40+ 3-Star Seamless Poly

Gambler 40+ 3-Star Seamless Poly Ball
Approx. $ 6 USD
Price $

User Ratings (4)

Hardness 6.9   
Medium hard
Roundness 7.0   
Rarely find an unround ball
Speed 8.3
Durability 6.5   
Last a long time
Consistency 8.8
Overall 7.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40+
This new Poly Plastic ball is the first plastic ball to be officially approved for National Sanctioned USA events.

- USATT sanctioned tournament approved
- Lasts 4 times longer
- 30% increase in roundness

Reviews (4)

Amilcar  on 4/8/2016

Less then $1 per ball .Excellent balls.durable with annoying metal sound.For USATT santioned tournaments only.That is fine with me...
Rocker99  on 5/24/2016

I belong to two large clubs, one of them used to use Butterfly the other Nittaku, recently these companies stopped giving out free balls and the clubs switched to Gambler 40+. As far as durability: When they break they do so in a most spectacular fashion, like they were shot with a gun, however BOTH clubs have had breakage go down by more than half. The BTY and NP40+ break in the seam, but much more often just not as spectacularly. I should note that if you do not hit an edge this ball will last until it gets slick like the old 38mm. Roundness: Good as any ball we have had in the club. It should be noted that I am a recovering Nittaku fan boy, I still like the brand for the sake of the brand itself but the Gamblers are begrudgingly as good or better for 1/3 the price. FR
FSBAGENT  on 8/15/2018

I got 50 gambler balls .good bounce. 6 months none is broken. 1 started to sound srange.several got feet crashed.these balls are inferior to none .and for the price I'm 'going to play with gamblers only
DangerChan  on 5/3/2016

I'm more than generous to give it an overall rating of 5 out of 10. I found that they are easy to break, broken like an eggshell, if you hit off your edge of paddle or mishit to table edge. 2 of them don't last longer than a few hours or 1 and a half days. Granted it's averaging $1/ball, it has good reputation in some local club players. I found that they may think it's cheaper so have less complaints or expectation. My thought is that anything close to a dollar or more should last longer than practice balls. I know I'm already getting the "better" batch, since the logo is not offensively large like their original batch. So unfortunately the quality has not picked up still. I wanted to say though, despite easy to crack, they sound and play like a Nittaku premium 3-star. Have a slightly lighter feel to it, maybe due to not being too hard like the G40+ or Nittaku premium 3-star. My favorite of all 40+ poly balls that are more durable is still the Nittaku 2-star Superior Balls. Plays and actually made of same materials and from same factory as their premium 3-star balls.

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