JOOLA Super-P Poly

JOOLA Super-P Poly Ball
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User Ratings (8)

Hardness 5.6   
Roundness 4.0   
Occasionally find a wobbly ball
Speed 7.3
Durability 3.9   
Consistency 6.2
Overall 7.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40+
Celluloid is being phased out and replaced with a safer plastic version. JOOLA is the first to have them in the US.

These balls are ITTF competition approved 3-star selected quality.

Reviews (6)

elPablo  on 11/29/2016

Guys, these balls BREAK SO DAMN OFTEN!!! I couldn*t belive that. 12 BALLS WERE GONE FOREVER IN 18 MATCHES!!! that is really BAAAAD. /since they don*t last even 2 matches, i won*t comment on how round, etc. they are /
Lermanator  on 8/1/2015

These balls, are never round, always different, and break so easily.
chuckjordan2  on 6/14/2015

These Super-P 40+ I received are the most roundest Poly and longest lasting. I've played one ball for a few weeks and even the lettering is wearing off. What I've tested and order of harness (hardest on top) are" 1) Xushaofa (hardest) 2) Nittaku SHA 40+ 3) BFY 40+ 4) Joola Super-P 40+ way below - Ipong 40+
qvoliszz  on 2/25/2015

Well until this ball I believed all poly balls are fragile and useless. Playing characteristics are good and the weight is nice too. Out of a 6 pack 2 are perfectly roud, 1 egg shaped and the 3 remaining are a bit wobby. But the perfect ones break instantly in the first hour or first edge hit. The egg shaped lasts long and nearly indestructible, I used it for 12 hours. The wobby balls play pretty consistent and last for 10 hours. So all I can say good job JOOLA, nice balls, nice price and nice feeling. Nearly copied the celluloid Super ball, which is not a bad ball. The poly is softer then the celluloid. My favourite poly for its lifetime and characteristics.
dadsky  on 1/30/2015

EGGS EGGS EGGS EGGS. Very light, slow, unpredictable and expensive eggs.

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