(No Brand) Dunlop Nitro Glow

(No Brand) Dunlop Nitro Glow Ball
Approx. $ 4 USD
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User Ratings (1)

Hardness 2.5   
Medium soft
Roundness 3.0   
Occasionally find a wobbly ball
Speed 5.0
Durability 3.0   
Consistency 6.0
Overall 5.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 1
Size 40+
40+mm table tennis balls.
Dunlop Nitro Glow Table Tennis Balls - 6 ball pack
Designed for recreational use and is suitable for players at all levels of the game.
Ideal for recreational play with their combination of bright, hi-vis colours. A ideal ball for personalisation!

Reviews (1)

IgorSugars  on 3/5/2019

Very average. Nothing special. Good enough for hobby play and for practice with robot. Easily damaged. They have some kind of coating all around the surface and when its gone/erased balls perform very poorly.

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