Stiga Competition 3-star

Stiga Competition 3-star Ball
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Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Roundness 7.8   
Rarely find an unround ball
Speed 8.3
Durability 5.1   
Last a long time
Consistency 7.7
Overall 7.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40mm
STIGA Table Tennis Balls are the result of advanced technology and extreme precision during the manufacturing process. The raw material celluloid is of the highest quality, selected by computer for precise thickness.

Reviews (14)

Amigo  on 10/29/2013

Ok balls nothing special. Chinese balls lot better for the money. Got them few times but i dont use them anymore. Price is the main issue.
powerlefty  on 9/15/2013

Comparable to Butterfly, but not as good.
ogondia  on 6/2/2013

Breaks easily, it isnot very consistent!
Jacco  on 6/1/2013

it looses feeling after a period. but it can bounce :P and that is the most important thing. But there are many better practice balls than this one!
topplayerrr  on 3/29/2012

The only ball who doesnt lasts me more than a practice. in that it's very consistent. banda is even better... now i play with dhs 3 stars and it so much better and cheaper! all my partners in the club agree with that.

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