XuShaoFa Premium Training 40+

XuShaoFa Premium Training 40+ Ball
Approx. $ 45 USD
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User Ratings (5)

Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Roundness 4.6   
Rarely find an unround ball
Speed 7.5
Durability 7.0   
Last a long time
Consistency 8.4
Overall 7.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40+
SEAMLESS PLASTIC BALL. White The exclusive technology creates balls as a single unit, not by fusing parts together under old methods. By getting rid of seams, we also got rid of unevenness in shape, weight and thickness that prevented a clean and accurate bounce in the past. Xushaofa Sports eliminated those inconsistencies in performance. Seamless balls have no soft spots, they aree tougher, more durable, and consistent all around. The Xushaofa brand has been approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Association).

Reviews (4)

cmaiolino  on 11/1/2018

We use these balls on our club for some trainings. These balls are okayish for training and multiball specifically. But they are not uniform. Most of the balls are not completely round, and it's easy to see them wobbling. For long rally trainings, this ball sucks because of the bad shape and consistency
elPablo  on 11/29/2016

Hello, our club uses these for training purposes. Well, they dont break so much they last quite a lot. On the other hand, 1/3 of those balls are EGG SHAPED. And when I say egg shaped I really mean that litterally. Sometimes you can see the ball wobbling in the air during the game!!!! :-) Meaning it happpens quite often that insted of bouncing of the table it just slides off with almost no bounce in the correct direction. Next season i d like to try Donic Coach instead.
spinny  on 10/11/2016

these are one of the best balls in market. I've compared these balls with joola 3star, yinhe 3star, dhs3star balls. these are training balls but equally good as any 3star ball. roundness is perfect every time. durability is awesome durability is equal to yinhe 3star balls and these balls are rated as the most durable balls this website. long rallies and you'll enjoy the game. these balls are available in market at very low rate. so it makes these balls best in the world. low price, perfect roundness and durable. I congratulate xushaofa on making this awesome ball. you'll have to buy 120balls but you'll not regret this.
ujjvalverma  on 12/28/2015

This is the best poly ball we have used. Other balls feels poor. Other balls bounce less and are slow too. But this ball fares well in all departments. Very bright whiteness... speed +spin awesome... Most durable too ... no problem with old rubbers !!! Regards from India

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