Friendship/729 A-2

Friendship/729 A-2 Blade
Approx. $ 30 USD
Price $

User Ratings (6)

Speed 8.2
Control 9.3
Stiffness 5.7   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90 / 100
Control 65 / 100
Weight 86g
Plies 7
Materials outer: Limba; inner: ayous
Thickness 6.4mm
Super attack, OFF++.

Reviews (4)

tomeh  5 months ago

Very good board hardness and control, although it was played faster, it seems very good at this price.
chop  on 6/1/2019

A2 is great blade for attack style players. It plays pretty well with short, medium and long pimples. A2 has a lot of control. This is stiff blade (7/10) that feels solid and powerful. This blade has the same power as many carbon blades but without wired feel of carbon. NOTE: If you are planing to use A2 as a blade to loop with, pare it with soft, medium/soft sponge rubber. Tensor rubber ,like Andro Hexer, also performed well with this blade. Warning! Please, do not put hard or extra-hard sponges; you will not be able to control your game due to the excess of speed and lack of spin.
wanghaoch  on 3/7/2018

Boa flexibilidade, Ainda prefiro Yinhe Y-15 , Yinhe N9 ou Yinhe MC-2 Controle surpreendente , melhor madeira pra controle 7 Folhas , digna de clone da Xiom Solo Requer borrachas rĂ¡pidas
al_111  on 5/1/2017

This one seems to be a Xiom Solo clone - a 7-ply with soft feeling and quite a bit of flex. The feel and control are amazing, looping is so easy and precise coming down from harder and faster 7-ply blades. The expected drawback is less speed; still, on the BH the flex adds a good kick that somewhat compensates for it. As for FH - well, it does force to use a proper stroke with H3)) If high speed is needed, I would advise using fast rubbers on the FH, though. BTW, for SP users - both control and speed are there, got an excellent match with Waran 2.0 on the BH.

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