Friendship/729 Bomb

Friendship/729 Bomb Blade
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User Ratings (43)

Speed 8.5
Control 8.5
Stiffness 5.1   
Hardness 5.9   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.3 / 10
Control 9.3 / 10
Weight 85g
Plies 7
Materials 7 plies of wood (Cork core, Balsa secondary)
Thickness 6.4mm
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Reviews (34)

chicagoTT  on 5/20/2015

Dec 29, 2014: My second blade and the one I've gone back to. It feels slower than I remember in the short game and warmup but I was using hard carbon blades for too long. Now I can loop away from the table and with good speed. It has good dwell and the flex makes this blade faster at higher speed. Mine weighs 88 g. May 20, 2015: lowered speed 8.8 to 8.6. OFF- I'd say. Loop away from table with decent speed, good spin. Blocking had to adjust from easy-to-block hard carbon blades as this one has a pretty high throw angle from the medium feel and dwell time, especially with vega pro on fh. Used for about 5 and a half months the second time around and it helped me regain my control and up my game.
noob hacker  on 8/16/2011

this is a very good blade that can produce all types of shots while providing great feel. pros: - amazing touch (wondering if it's b/c of the cork layer) - speed is good but not great - control is very good, especially with chopping - good weight balance - inexpensive price cons: - horrible handle (way too thin - requires grip tape or those rubber handle condoms) - edges aren't finished (but it's easy to sand it yourself)
Tek101  on 10/26/2010

let me start off by saying this is a great blade. I am sort of an all around off the table looper who is defensive minded with his back hand. The control of this blade is outstanding. the dwell time on the blade is enough that you can punch back or block back any amount of spin with little effort. I would recommend using soft sponges on this blade because what I have found is if you use a harder sponge on your backhand side it is really hard to play up close to the table. But, it plays fantastic away from the table and has no troubles putting spinney precise shots onto the table. The cork core gives it that added pop in your shots but has the control of an All Around blade.
mmerkel  on 2/20/2010

I love the feedback I get from this blade. I only used it so far in one practice session, but it really feels great. Good speed on off the table loops, great on loop drives. Now that I played with it for a few months, I really like the blade. There is a nice kick mid distance, but also enough control to take speed off an incoming drive/smash. Initially I had problems hitting the sweet spot, since it isn't as big as in a carbon blade. But the difference in bounce if you miss the sweet spot is not so great that it will make you lose the point. I actually won quite a few points hitting the ball near the edge of the blade. Great value for the price.
man_iii  8 months ago

Recently bought this blade. Very flexible and definitely produces variations. Requires medium hard to play decently. Blade quality is acceptable for the price it is a cheap intermediate blade. Ball doesnt bounce more than 2 or 3 times on blade gives dead feeling probably due to cork core. So this might work for modern defenders. With rubbers the ball bounces less with soft touch but skyrockets with even little harder touch. Update: After 4 years of getting is blade on Can't find this blade for sale very high demand but no supply. Mid-Hard and Super-Soft rubbers work like magic on this blade. Very hard rubbers are "unpredictable" .... You want deception, you want touch play, you want super-spinny surprise loops, extra deep-cut , short drop shot / heavy-cut, but don't expect to smash to the heavens though. I haven't tried Pips-Out rubbers on this yet ... I suspect it will work out great :-D Maybe I will update about more things later on. On/Off I play on a very casual level with this blade but it produces results like anything!

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