Friendship/729 Red Spirit

Friendship/729 Red Spirit Blade
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User Ratings (4)

Speed 8.0
Control 8.5
Stiffness 2.0   
Some flex
Hardness 3.5   
Medium soft
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Overall 8.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 86g
Plies 7
Materials carbon fibre
Thickness 6.3mm
There are 1 users using the Friendship/729 Red Spirit.
This blade is among the top level of the RITC729 wood blades.

* 7 ply wood veneer

* Medium 7 ply For All-Around Chinese style

* Adjusts from ALL+ to OFF+

* For All-Around Euro style attack

* Capable of defensive style

* ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

* Flared Handle

Red Spirit high-level full-wood baseboard is perfect baseboard product of special standard put-off again by Rubber Research Institute of TianJin with Continual putting-off of their new products.

All around model

Quick Speed

Strong force

Strong base-force

Strong control ball ability

Reviews (3)

Tarentum  on 3/20/2015

This is a very well ballanced blade with nice touch and good control. Speed raiting is about off- (depends which rubbers you use). It's flexible, gives very good spin. The hardness is medium. Very good for close-to-table looping, also can be used in mid distance looping game but only with fast rubbers. Tried it with Sigma2 Euro max on fh and Vega pro max on bh.
KnuckleBall  on 1/13/2012

This blade is just right for my style. I play close to the table, play with anti on BH, twiddle and loop both sides. I found this blade had great control and feel. Speed is very manageable and allows for good dwell to enable amazing spinny loops. I tried the 729 Bomb but it was a bit too fast for me and a bit more less control and feel compared to the Red Spirit. I slapped a Cream Transcend on it and the blend was just perfect match of speed, spin and control (all in my humble opinion, of course). This blade is more user friendly for beginners and developing players. If I could trade my Bomb, I'd trade it for a 729 Red Spirit.
Anonymous  on 4/17/2010

I can Attack with more sense and feel of the ball, making the my attack more controlled and executed more accurately.

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