Friendship/729 V-5

Friendship/729 V-5 Blade
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User Ratings (2)

Speed 7.8
Control 8.8
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 4.5   
Consistency (not rated)
Overall 8.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Plies 5
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Reviews (2)

ChengIan  on 9/2/2016

I've been using this blade for well over a year now. It is my first custom set up and I absolutely love it. It's very light - weighs 170 grams paired up with Stiga Calibra Tour M and Stiga Boost TC. I can generate lots of speed and spin when the timing is right. I can do all kinds of shots with this blade from smashes to short pushes to chops from mid distance to the table. The top layer peels a bit when changing rubbers but other than that, I see no problems.
kras  on 10/18/2015

Paired with LKT Rapid series (or other almost non-tacky rubbers) it is suitable for all-round to moderate offensive style. The blade feels quite soft with little flex. I believe it's carbon that gives it extra high gear at hard hits. It works best in drives, it's good for looping and chopping. It offers a lot of dwell time. Not so good for smashes in comparison to completely stiff blades. It didn't match DHS H3 Neo neither 729 Geospin - the combo felt like a brick, probably because of stiffness. Overall it's a very good all-round to offensive blade to be paired with Chinese euro-like rubbers.

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