Adidas FiberTec Power

Adidas FiberTec Power Blade
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User Ratings (6)

Speed 9.5
Control 9.2
Stiffness 7.2   
Hardness 8.0   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99
Control 86
Weight 88g
Materials 7 (Limba, Carbon Kevlar, Ayous, Kiri - Ayous, Carbon Kevlar, Limba)
The adidas FiberTec Power is a high-tech blade for top players whose main weapon is all-round topspin from any position of the court. The core of the performance is Aramid Carbon a blend of soft aramid fibers and resilient carbon fibers. The combination of sophistically selected woods and this advanced fiber provides a sensational feeling for the ball. When hitting the ball very powerfully the center of the blade catches the ball very deeply and provides a great sense of control. Together with its high speed capability combined with the feeling this blade helps the player to dominate the rally of topspin against topspin.

Reviews (6)

ndondo78  on 5/17/2015

Workmanship of this blade is outstanding. Handle is so comfortable. Speed is good and control is very good.
marcbackhand  on 3/5/2015

This Blade is great! Very strongly away from table, with good control for blocks, but is hard to control in short game. Very good quality, I think better than the most other large companies.
Ironhide83  on 8/5/2014

Just started using this one. It feels absolutly great!! Fast and excellent control. Will give an update in a few months . First feel and impression are really really good and that is normally a good sign
Raden  on 5/5/2013

Pretty fast, but not overly so. Has a very solid, maybe hard feel. You can feel that carbon near the outer ply. Great control. Very little dwell time. Might be the best blocking blade. Stands up to speedy shots without feeling like it's deforming
carmelomaf  on 11/21/2011

very good blade, fast but with quite good control I would say at the same level than Butterfly Maze but cheaper ;)

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