Andro CS7 Velocity

Andro CS7 Velocity Blade
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Speed 9.2
Control 7.6
Stiffness 6.5   
Hardness 7.5   
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Overall 7.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 96 / 100
Control 92 / 100
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials 5 plies of Ayous, 2 plies of Hinoki
Pure speed for unconditional offense: five ayous plies surrounded by two rigid hinoki plies provide incomparable penetrating power. Even with slightly slower strokes, you can achieve precise and hard shots. The core of more elastic ayous wood permits dangerous topspin strokes from half distance. For absolute offensive players with good technical skills who are willing to take risks.

Stiffness: 99/100

Reviews (3)

BeaverMD  on 8/22/2012

The hinoki grain is beautiful. Andro uses some select wood for the CS7 Velocity. It's pretty thick though at 7mm. Also, it's not a hollow handle but it looks like Andro is using lighter wood pieces for the handle making it head heavy if you use heavy rubbers. The speed is very good, faster than Primorac Carbon.
lasung lukas  on 6/30/2011

Well crafted. Comfortable handle/grip. Good weight balance. In play, it is dynamic, has many gears. Good dwell time, excellent spin capability. Stable and rigid with soft touch.Tons of power reserve even when away from table. Suitable for offensive style. I use Palio Blitz 2mm FH and Mk V 2mm BH.
cyber1call  on 12/19/2010

7-ply with hinoki outer layers. Nicely crafted as one would expect from Andro. Rated OFF+ but I think closer to OFF. Quite stiff and hard so it works will with Ox LPs. Solid, with just a little vibration. I'd recommend a medium-soft, non-tacky inverted rubber unless you are looking for pure speed and willing to sacrifice some control. I don't think this blade was designed for hard, tacky Chinese rubbers. Comparing this blade to others using the same rubber, I found that the throw tended to be higher than average. Nice gears...flat hits and smashes really scream but it still gives good touch in the short game.

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