Andro CSV OFF+

Andro CSV OFF+ Blade
Approx. $ 60 USD
Price $

User Ratings (10)

Speed 9.4
Control 9.3
Stiffness 6.2   
Hardness 7.5   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 94 / 100
Control 93 / 100
Weight 82g
Plies 5
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andro CSV OFF+ is a spirited offensive blade that is ideal for modern offensive playing style due to its huge speed reserves. It allows to start sudden and aggressive offensive actions and enables you to enforce speed whenever you want to. Limba and Ayous as intermediate and outer plies are responsible for certain stability supporting variable topspin styles. Highly dynamic while enjoying best ball control and a huge load of fun!

- Perfect weight balance for easy handling
- 5 selected high quality plywoods for a convincing mixture of speed and control
- Amazing feeling supported by neat workmanship
- Feel: Hard

Reviews (5)

Lavasurfer22  1 months ago

I bought this blade for $30 (worth $60) on tabletennis11 and nothing can beat it at that price. It is lightweight and excellent for about any level. There is a ton of control for the amount of speed and power behind the blade.
herrickluk  7 months ago

Blade: Andro CSV Off+ FH: Hurricane 3 NEO BH: Tenergy 05 This was my very first customized blade so I didn't know what to expect. I was used to using a Dawei blade with quite a thick composition (7.0+ mm thickness) so I was interested in seeing how this 5 ply blade would do in terms of spin and speed. I was very surprised. This is an EXCELLENT BLADE ! Although it weighs in at only 82 grams, and is an all wood blade, it's speed characteristics are amazing. I never felt that I was being out rallied. Despite being quite thin of a blade, its stiffness and hardness definitely show. Suited for playing close to the table . Counter looping and driving is great , blocks are solid . Another big selling point is how comfortable the blade feels in hand. I don't know how they did it, but it feels very soft when you grab the handle, yet the blade itself is sturdy and hard. When I switched to the Viscaria after this blade, I was disappointed that the Viscaria was NOT as comfortable as the Andro. The only reason I switched to Viscaria is due to the higher flex, which I wanted for its looping qualities. Overall, an excellent product, and for so cheap as well, the results you get are amazing. Would recommend for practice and competition!
W3R  on 12/8/2016

Awesome blade for the money! (Bought it 30€ new, in Greece) I purchased this blade to replace the balsa carbo X5 that the plies opened up and was useless. In the beginning I thought I would use it for a couple of months and then replace it with a more "high end" blade. I still use this blade after one year because it's actually pretty good. The power I would say is between OFF and OFF+ and the control is really good. Very good for mid range looping. For far of the table is ok, but not powerful as Primorac carbon OFF+ for example and other OFF+ carbon blades and same goes for smashes. I would prefer to be a bit more direct from far of the table. The control for close to the net shots and blocks is very good. Design and craftsmanship is great, similar to blades that cost 4x. This review is based with rubbers Yasaka Rakza X on both sides. (FH max / BH 2) Overall really good blade for offensive looping game and great VFM!
Smacfest  on 8/27/2014

Perfect blade for the modern attacker. Control is much higher than you would expect from an off+ blade. Looping about a meter or two back from the table is easy, but you can still play drop shots and fast pushes with relative ease. Flicks are easy, especially on the backhand Stiffer than the Andro Kinetic Record off- and a bit faster because of this, though the control is about the same. Maybe a little better on this blade if you have soft rubbers. Very lightweight, so it counteracts my slightly heavy rubbers well. An all round exceptional blade. Fits a controlled looper/attacker very well. I love it
JNBWA  on 1/3/2014

Fast with very good spin and Ccontrol. you can play with it close and out of the table but i think the best is close. in the short game, it's good. spin and control are the best for it but you can go fast if you decide. the throw angle is middle high this blade is for players who have a spinny game. If you want to play only fast so put two rubbers like victas 01, tenergy 80 and you'll sees the real power of this blade. if you want spin put rasant, rasant turbo, bluefire m1. calibra tour m. it is light, very well balanced and cheap. its small size (15X15.5) is a pleasure if you play with your whist.

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