Andro Fibercomp DEF

Andro Fibercomp DEF Blade
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Speed 7.5
Control 9.1
Stiffness 5.1   
Hardness 5.7   
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 75 / 100
Control 99 / 100
Weight 85g
Plies 7
Materials Balsa core, Glassfiber layers
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The magic weapon for defensive players searching for outstanding control! If you combine this 7-layer DEF plywood with long pimple out rubbers you can easily play dangerous stop blocks right behind the net. Further the FIBERCOMP enables you to play flutter balls with a high disruption factor. Dependent on the situation it is - specifically due to the blade construction strengthened by two glass fiber veneers - possible to switch immediately to offensive playing. In the defence play this high class plywood technology has an excellent spin reversal. Due to its balsa core the blade is light-weight and provides an ideal ball feedback. The blade design is around 156mm with an extra large sweetspot that minimises the mistake level!

Reviews (9)

maryusilie  on 10/30/2016

My favorite blade!! I play with giant long 0.5 and palio cj8000 biotech, The blade is stiff and require soft rubber and slow, because is quite fast like off- blade. Works well for short 2 The table block, attack with la, chop... Best blade for allround game with lp
garbol  on 2/23/2015

very good blade, especially for OX LP great control for LP stiff (provided by glass fibre) stiff gives u power na fh, better reversal and bigger sweet spot head of the blade not as big a other def blades, what is good, easier to maneuver and twiddle balsa core
AndrewL  on 3/12/2014

I love this thing. It has great vibration for the long pips that I use (TSP curl P1r 1.0-1.3mm), and its very easy to control. I am still unsure what to put on the forehand, because it is very fast. Being a modern defender, it is always good to surprise your opponent with an attack every once in a while. The attacks on this blade are endless. I have used Andro Rasant and Xiom Sigma1Pro so far, and I would have to say Rasant is too fast, and quite hard to control. Blocking is super easy, chopping is effortless, but looping will take some time, as the ball seems to fly very fast. Overall, favorite blade I've tried!
uppuluri  on 3/14/2013

One of the best blades for all round defense game. Phantom 0012 is one of the best-fit rubbers for the BH. Somehow Tibhar Grass D'Techs OX / 1.2 / 1.6 versions did not suit this blade. Difficult to find a good FH rubber. Many rubbers (Dr. Neubauer Domination 1.5, Dr. Neubauer Special Defense, Stiga Chop and Drive, Butterfly Tackiness Chop, Tenergy 05 1.7, TSP Cutman 1.5, and many more) were tried but could not zero-in-on any. Long range chopping - very good. Blocking - very good. Hitting - reasonable power and accuracy. Topspin game - OK. A true all rounder. Good luck.
chop  11 months ago

Andro Fibercomp is one of the best blades for chop/block style of play. Pares well with OX long pimples. This is stiff blade, so make sure you put medium/ medium-soft sponge rubber for FH side to be happy and able to spin the ball nicely controlling your shoots. Rubber with hard sponge is not good option for this blade because blade is stiff and fast. So, you should balance it with softer sponge (H 36-42), it will give you more dwell time and control when playing FH game. For example, Palio CJ8000, Butterfly Tackiness Drive/Chop/Chop2, 729 Higher, 729 GeoSpin Tacky , 61 second Lightning DS LST, DHS G555 are good FH rubber for Fibercomp. When it comes to long pimples, Tibhar DTecS (OX), Palio CK531A (OX), Dawei 388D-1 (OX), SpinLord Dornenglanz (OX), Giant Drago Giant Long (OX), Giant Dragon Talon (OX) are proven to be a good combination for a "blocker" that relays on spin reversal and deception close to a table . If you you plan to use Fibercomp to chop from mid and far distances, then use long pimples with thin (0.6mm) sponge. It will give more control and feel over your chops and you will be able to chop/block without losing deception and reverse of spin. Play table tennis, have fun!

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