Andro Kinetic OFF+

Andro Kinetic OFF+ Blade
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Speed 9.7 / 10
Control 9.1 / 10
Weight 80g +/- 10g
Plies 6
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The Kinetic mass built into the Super Core handle guarantees more energy for your game. Six-ply construction and selected koto outer plies bring enough power to equalize the reduction of speed caused by the 40 mm ball. Best suitable for technically skilled offensive players who are mainly looking for high speed. 5.87? (14.9 cm).

Recommended for offensive players, who are in need of high speed and maximum control. 5.87? (14.9 cm).

andro Kinetic System

The Technology

  • Carbon balls within the Super Core handle lead to a better feel for the ball (Super Core handles have a core made of special foam)

  • More speed due to increased impulse from the kinetic mass when you hit the ball

  • Well-balanced high-tech construction (six ply) guarantees more speed

  • Uniform ball bounce due to one-piece construction of the upper ply

  • Reduction of the glue weight by using epoxy-type layers leads to a smoother and more pleasant feel

  • Moderate weight guarantees perfect handling

The Kinetic Principle

  • Within the handle are freely swinging carbon balls. When you strike the ball, the carbon balls are catapulted backwards.

  • When the ball contacts the blade, the carbon balls-the kinetic mass-move like an explosion forward.

  • The strengthened impulse releases speed energy and also produces a fast absorption of vibration throughout the whole area of your grip. Reducing the phase of the vibration results in an improved feel for the ball.

andro Super Core System

Special Foam Core

The superior features of the Super Core generation of blades: A special foam material, built into the handle, reduces vibration all over your grip-vibrations from impacts are immediately absorbed. Extra-light construction enhances control. Outer layers are specially varnished.

  • Reduced vibration for optimal ball feel

  • Reduced weight for faster strokes

Also known as Andro Super Core Kinetic OFF+

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