Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF-

Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF- Blade
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User Ratings (14)

Speed 8.5
Control 8.8
Stiffness 5.7   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 89
Control 95
Weight 82
There are 2 users using the Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF-.
An optimum blade for offensive players. Unifying speed, control, margin of error and ball feeling was the target when
developing the Kinetic Supreme OFF-. The Kiri core veneer is the dominating character, being the key for an excellent
speed feature. Combined with an extreme thin outer layer, player emphasizes a pleasant rebound effect, accompanied by an extraordinary high ball bounce. This feature enables the player to create immensely dangerous topspin strokes. Those who do not find enough control when using conventional offensive blades, but nevertheless are looking for a satisfying speed significance, will find a functionally adequate blade by choosing Kinetic Supreme OFF- .

Reviews (8)

mja  on 6/5/2015

A fairly lightweight blade; fairly stiff with no vibrations; very stable in blocking. I liked it for playing close to the table, but found it too stiff to loop form afar. Medium-hard feeling. Speed-wise it's about the same as Donic Persson Powerplay, so I would say it's in the OFF range (but Andro's blade classifications seem to be underestimated as a rule of thumb).
PierreAd  on 8/25/2013

I bought this time looking for a replacement for the Saive Andro Kinetic Off-. I was really disappointed as it doesn't fit my game at all : even though this blade offers a very good control in short game and passive shots, I found it much too hard and never managed to adapt my topspin / forehand loop technique. However, the build quality is impressive, and I think this blade might be a very good one for versatile offensive players (ie. offensive players not only relying on spin and placement). If you're mainly playing topspin shots, I'd advise you to either associate it to *very* soft rubbers (I was using it with 2.0mm F3 which is only 35°, and found this too hard) or go for another (softer) blade.
david777783  on 11/25/2012

While data mining through this site I was pretty skeptic when I found Kinetic Supreme Off- (referred to as KSO- hereinafter) which satisfied all my expectations with a rather low price level, and bought it through second-hand market. But after choosing the right rubbers I'm convinced by the present rating. First I paired it with LSZ999 40 degree 2.2mm and F3 2.0mm, and was disappointed because the F3 side was too quick to loop (the thin and soft sponge resulted in a short dwell time & small margin of error, which also makes pushing almost impossible to control,) and the LSZ999 side was too slow (the Chinese sponge was too hard to hit through, thus wasted the speed of KSO-). So here's a lesson: pair KSO- with a soft enough AND thick enough rubber. Then I glued the LSZ999 and swapped F3 with a glued LSZ999 45 degree 2.2mm, and the performance was improved to an unbelievably monstrous level; it was like the true competence of KSO- was "freed". Its hard, fast but not unbridled feel makes my game exciting. Looping was easy and control was sufficient. (I chose "easy" deliberately since this blade is more like a subsidiary to me, boosting my power, in contrast to other neutral blades.) Pushing was a bit too bouncy but it improved while the sponge gripped the ball correctly. To prevent the idea that I was biased by the glued rubbers, I pasted them on my YE, and difference was huge, as you would expect to see between these two blades. So even with a glued rubber, quality of shots still mainly relies upon blade rather than rubbers. What gluing primarily achieved was simply softening the Chinese hard sponge to improve the grip of the rubber which compensated the shorter dwelling time of the blade (compared with my other slower 5 ply blades like YE or Hurricane King; so I'm not saying that the dwelling time of KSO- is too short, actually I think it is OK considering its speed). So even with an unglued, softer and thicker European/Japanese rubber, I believe KSO- is also excellent for a mediocre looping player like me, who can do basic techniques correctly and quickly, mainly plays at close to mid distance, and needs a faster blade with decent control to provide extra power and improve the game. cons: Although this is a 5 ply blade, its thin outer veneer, thick Kiri core (roughly 4.0mm) and greater overall thickness (roughly 6.7mm) determined that it is unrealistic to expect it to help you create extremely heavy topspins like the ones of Wang Hao, Samsonov, etc. If you're a topspin-addicted advanced player who can generate enormous strength yourself and loves to drive heavy loops at long distance, enjoying acceleration of topspin attacks off opponent's table, you might find this blade too stiff/hard. This is not a pure loop-oriented blade like Hurricane King or Stratus Samsonov Carbon, but rather a versatile blade which can do smashes and close-to-mid-distance quick loops quite well, and the throw angle of its loops are low. And of course, if you are a beginner who are still building up basic mechanics of techniques and are unable to concentrate your strength or consciously and quickly adjust yourself in case of an error, this blade is too fast for you. I didn't rate it because my database was too narrow, but personally I would be willing to rate the overall of KSO- at 9+ since I enjoy it more than other famous blades at the same price level like YE (which is terribly slower) or P700 (which does not provide the same deadly topspin), even slightly more than Offensive Wood NCT (which reflects the skill of player more honestly rather than boosting it like KSO-).
whuang  on 4/16/2011

This is my second blade. I started with Primorac Carbon years ago, which was way too fast and numb feeling (poor control). As my techniques improved I went with Primorac (much better control vs Primorac Carbon, slow speed though). Last year I started with Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL, which gives me the BEST mix of speed and control. I would say this one is slightly faster than Kinetic Supreme OFF- with the same great feel/control. Less vibration, less flex.
Seannyboy  on 1/6/2011

Well... just got it in today. It's a pretty stinkin' good upgrade from my old bat Butterfly VSG-1000! The control level is fantastic... using Hexer Powersponge on both sides. Is phenomenal at blocking and very accurate. Aim away and fire. It's pretty versatile and very cost efficient. Well worth it!

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