Andro Kinetic Supreme Zylon/Kiso-Hinoki OFF-

Andro Kinetic Supreme Zylon/Kiso-Hinoki OFF- Blade
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Speed 8.2
Control 8.8
Stiffness 6.0   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 91 / 100
Control 97 / 100
Weight 85g
Materials Kiso Hinoki, Zylon
There are 4 users using the Andro Kinetic Supreme Zylon/Kiso-Hinoki OFF-.
Supreme OFF- Zylon/Hinoki constructed blade: An extra smooth and feelingly touch of a Hinoki wood combined with hardness and stability of a Zylon-Carbon wood. The result: A blade, exposing its all over strength. The one who wants to gain the winning point by precise and controlled block strategy will find this type a must as well as the one who tends to offensive play without compromise. This blade is really a multi-talent. The weight reduction achieved comes up to a lot of players wish to have an extra lightweight Carbon blade. Moreover, this blade has another positive feature: A pleasant balance.

Reviews (5)

chop  10 months ago

Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF- Kiso Hinoki Zylon is an excellent blade. It has 7 layers Hinoki-ZLC-Ayous-Kiri-Ayous-ZLC-Hinoki. The blade thickness is 7.0mm It is stiff blade, so do not expect much vibration. Control of this bade is just amazing and sweat spot is huge. It pares well with both EURO and CHINA rubbers. Overall, great control blade for tactical player, that has characteristics of ALL blade near table, and OFF blade when played away from the table. I highly recommend this blade.
Hooshang Ayoubloo  on 5/14/2012

Honestly this is one the best Blade I have ever had.I played with many different blades:ZLC Timo Boll,M Maze,ALC,Gergely and so on, they are all good blades but this blade Andro K S, is amazing.It has very excellent spin and control , that is why I could attack any service, as I could lift the ball easily.Right now my rubbers are Rakza 7 Fh and Mark V HPS BH.I am very happy that finally found the blade I wanted for many years.Price is ok.
Victor  on 2/18/2012

Good control. Very good control. Very,very good control. Exellent contorl!!! A little bit pricy, but it worth it. I love this blade.
SpeedGlue729  on 12/2/2010

This is my first Andro blade. It looks as good as the photos... very nice. I like the built-in edge protection - it's unique looking. There's almost no vibration... handle (Flared) is comfortable but might seem a little small for large hands. I guess the Kinetic blades have beads or something in the handle - like a maraca. It's faint, unnoticeable while playing. I don't know what the purpose is besides being amusing. "Shake it!" "Why does it do that?" "I dunno, but it's cool." It is well balanced for speed and control and pairs perfectly with T05. It's a hair slower, but stiffer than my Waldner Senso Carbon - which is what I was looking for. Usually I get Butterfly or Donic blades... I'm adding Andro to my list of go-to blade makers now that I'm more familiar with their quality.
Gallifax  on 11/24/2012

Tested a few fast blades, but this one is yet the one with the most control. Hardly any fast off blade out there with such huge control, seriously. Speed is more like Off, not Off-. Nice weight and balance. Definitely worth the money

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