Andro Ligna FR OFF

Andro Ligna FR OFF Blade
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Speed 9.5
Control 9.5
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 7.5   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 92 / 100
Control 94 / 100
Weight 85g
Plies 7
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Handmade in Germany.

Blades with an intermediate synthetic fiber layer mostly have only milliseconds to proof to be a top-blade. The one millisecond in which the ball touches the bat and immediately bounces back. Woods, like andro Ligna F. R., that are preciously processed, evenly glued and designed with love for the detail, leave a strong imprint here. You can feel that the large sweetspot provides a constant impulse at any spot of the blade. Feel the even outflow of the ball without having any loss of control when switching from passive to active strokes, whilst the pace reserves are fully activated. These are precisely those milliseconds in which the andro Ligna FR shows its strengths and where your gaming develops.

Origin, water content, storage, processing method and many more aspects have big influence on the playing characteristics.

For the in Germany manufactured exclusive andro LIGNA series only the finest wood, which is also used for manufacturing violins, is processed.
Particular attention is given to the sawing method of the wood veneers: Only the finest sawn veneers are processed for LIGNA woods. Major advantage is that the processing leaves no scar on the veneers behind. Consistently solid and clean cut veneers on both sides form the foundation for an outstanding feel. The wood in the way it should be.

Reviews (6)

sd412  on 1/28/2016

The Ligna FR has outstanding feeling and control. It's the most controlled OFF blade that i ever tried, definitly way better control then the Viscaria, Garaydia ZLC, Boll Spirit just to mention a few. The shots produced are highly consistent in terms of both pace and ball placement. The blade produces enough speed to hit outright winners, i'd say it's on pair with the Viscaria at the speed. The Handle is a bit thin but my hands a re quite big, still i got used to it very fast. The amount of spin i can produce is just insane! I never made that many straight winners in matches just by spinny balls and serves! Who ever is searching for a very controlled fast OFF blade should definitly try this one. Theres a nice review of TableTennisDaily on youtube too.
Kevin09  on 11/15/2017

Sometimes I wonder why Andro blades are behind Butterfly blades. When I got my hands on the LIGNA FR OFF I was surprised at how nicely made it is. Handmade as its mentioned. The Speed is way better than other Btfly blades such as Sardius and Marcos. Paired with a Medium hard rubber R47 and it plays along with it smoothly. For TopSpins are amazing as its control level is GREAT. Thanks to Andro!
Mhanafi  on 3/16/2018

Priceless. very good finish and amazing speed, dwell time and MONSTROUS TOP SPIN.
Semerci  3 months ago

This is a good looking and highly underrated blade. It has one of the best feelings together with high dwell time. It can support many different offensive styles depending on rubber choice. It is as speedy as famous bty alc blades for my taste and also super consistent.
Konjekture  7 months ago

Most certainly was slower than I thought. Had FastArc G1 on both sides and was slow as hell. Finish was okay. Got weighed in a 88 grams. Not super well made, the top ply came undone even after lacquer, perhaps a different glue used than what normal mass ones are glued with. I didn’t like it, head heavy, cost too much and slower than advertised in my opinion.

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