Andro Super Core Cell ALL+

Andro Super Core Cell ALL+ Blade
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Speed 7.3
Control 9.0
Stiffness 3.7   
Some flex
Hardness 4.6   
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 84 / 100
Control 97 / 100
Weight 80g
Plies 7
There are 4 users using the Andro Super Core Cell ALL+.
With this 7-layer Allround+ blade andro has created a powerful blade with strengthened fibre layers. The basic idea for this blade's construction was finding a perfect mix of comfortable playing, low mistake level and top technique. Playing the CELL ALL+ every stroke gives the impression of having hit the ball just perfectly in the centre of the blade. The inner veneers are thinner than in the ALL version which results in a very soft feeling. The CELL ALL+ adds more continuity to the play and transmits a feeling of perfect control. The high ball flying curve forgives a lot of easy mistakes.

Reviews (5)

rudai  on 1/5/2014

This is quite slow blade with flex and good feeling when touching ball. The blade finishing is very good as andro equip it with edge seal which protects blade from denting it. I have used it for almost 1 year and very happy until realizing that I need more speed for my play. Very good blade for allround and spin game, but it demands your power for finishing point. If pair it with Chinese hard rubber, it feels dead and slow. It will shine if you pair it with medium hard tensor rubber as it will give additional spin due to its flex. My rating: - Speed = 7.5 - Control = 8.5 - Stiffness = some flex - Hardness = medium soft - Throw angle = high Updated 5/1/2013: This blade has the same flex as my yinhe W6, a very good blade for looping. But with more soft feeling. For control, it's not as good as W6 even though it's slower.
phillypong  on 8/1/2013

very good ALL+ blade that gives a good feeling even when you dont hit the ball at the sweetspot (or otherwise said : has a large sweetspot), combined with Tibhar Genius or other Tensor rubbers really good for Allround spin attack, feels also rather light (80g is correct) i repeat : a good blade, shurely underestimated or not known enough My Stiga Tube Allround blade is definitely beter though !!!!
bhp  on 6/27/2011

It is a very good blade if you want to give the best spin in your touchs. I found just a vibration that I don't want in a blade that flex. I think it's a very comfortable blade if you play no more than mid distance or close to the table, you can get more as you belive with this blade playing close to the table
Anonymous  on 12/6/2010

very hard to play away from table but great control loud knocking sound light blade comfy i use acuda s3 bh andro hexer fh so far so good
Anonymous  on 12/1/2010

It's a good blade to play, I think you can have the feeling you want and the control, you don't have problem. But about speed, this blade generate a very stong hit for mid and close-to-the-table distance, but that's all. I tried it with Acuda s2 2.0mm in fh and in bh, and its a good spin generator at mid distance because of it is some flex. But I tried with Coppa turbo platin x1 max in fh and bh, and I can hit as a mortal weapon close to the table and mid-distance. It's a good blade if you are looking for one that gives you the control of the allwood and the power of the offwood.

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