Andro Temper Tech ALL+

Andro Temper Tech ALL+ Blade
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User Ratings (42)

Speed 7.9
Control 9.5
Stiffness 6.3   
Hardness 6.1   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 87 / 100
Control 97 / 100
Weight 70g
There are 11 users using the Andro Temper Tech ALL+.
Perfect for a controlled operating game. Refined by a high-quality hinoki outer ply. Created for players who want to play precise returns, even when the ball is not always hit in the center of the racket.

Stiffness: 96/100

Reviews (24)

Francium87  on 11/4/2015

good wooden feel, comfortable handle. great smell from the toasted wood. tempertech all+ with adidas P7 on both sides. block 10/10 loop, very forgiving. great control and spin even when mistimed. push is low. easy to change direction or load with spin. i chose this All+ blade because of the hinoki outer, and because it was rated medium hard with no flex, limited if perceptible vibration. i am not disappoint.
ayoushinoki  on 9/6/2015

With beautiful grains on the Hinoki outer plies and the handle in natural wood color, this must surely be one of the most organic looking blades ever! Mine came in at 69 grams. The thickness is exactly 6.2mm. FH- Xiom Vega Pro 2mm. BH- Andro Hexer 2.1mm. The light weight allows for swift transitions and fast wrist action. I seem to have lots of time and there is no need to rush my shots. Surprisingly, its weight does not seriously detract from its power. The ball feel is good and there is pleasant ball feedback. The sound on hard hits goes "plack". The blade is medium rigid, power response is linear and dwell time is excellent. This blade does not do strange things! The short game and mid distance game is excellent. Far from table, I need to put in more effort. Pushes and chops are good. Blocks against topspin attacks are good. Loops and attacks are excellent! You can play and vary your spin, speed and direction with this beauty whole day long! Claims about control and pin point accuracy in returns is no mere marketing hype. It is true! In fact, it is uncanny. If you enjoy court-craft over sheer power in overcoming your opponent, this may be the one for you! It is a true all round+ blade, dedicated to fun, accuracy and tactical play. Best wishes!
Nimrod  on 6/3/2017

Reading Users ratings it seems that Temper Tech is faster than Donic WSC. Its not true. Got them both and DONIC WSC is 2-3 points faster. Anyway its very good blade. Low weight, nice grip, and really good control (used it with Xiom Vega Eu on FHand Giant Dragon CC on BH). Update. After over 6 months playing with TT I can only say that is wonderfull blade. Enough speed and amazing CONTROLL.
ghazkull6  on 11/4/2014

ive used this blade for about a year now and can say it is a fantastic blade. its a perfect transition blade from premade to custom. its definitely not too fast and the amount of spin you can create is amazing. the only downside is the lack speed of this blade though it was fast enough when i got it. now im just wanting more speed.
Mucver  on 5/13/2014

combined with calibra tour m. its not superb control just good control and enough speed for good price (bought it 40euro)

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