Andro Temper Tech OFF-

Andro Temper Tech OFF- Blade
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User Ratings (32)

Speed 8.5
Control 9.2
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 6.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.8   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 91 / 100
Control 95 / 100
Weight 80g
Materials Mahogany
There are 9 users using the Andro Temper Tech OFF-.
The thin mahogany outer ply is not only a visual highlight: outstanding marks for control are combined with the power of a strong kiri center ply. The perfect weapon for the offensive all-round player!

Stiffness: 96/100

Reviews (17)

david777783  on 11/30/2012

This is the best blade among my 7 blades for a self-taught beginner, I highly recommend it as a first blade. Its speed is medium-fast, its control is fantastic, it is reasonably stiff/hard, its dwell is good, it's light-weighted and agile, its feel is clear. And it is not expensive. Compared with my other 6 blades this one is clearly the winner considering which one to start with: 1. YE: too slow, too soft, too much dwell, misleading for a beginner who should develop hitting mechanics first for it hinted that loop is more easy way of playing, especially if you pair it with tacky rubbers. 2. P700: fast enough but less dwell. 3. Palio TCT: composite, too hard, zero dwell. 4. Kinetic Supreme Off-: too picky on rubbers, only go well with soft and thick rubbers, and is the fastest among these 7, thus needs quick technique to master. (On the picky thing I assume that a beginner might want to explore in the world of rubbers a little so a picky blade is less interesting... well it's a personal thing. But it is true you might be seriously frustrated if pairing it with a wrong rubber.) 5. Hurricane King: too expensive, and also somewhat misleading since it is purely loop-oriented. A great advanced blade. 6. Offensive Wood NCT: the closest to Temper Tech Off-, both great and versatile, but the feel of hitting of OC-NCT is duller; after all, it is a descendant of the "loop machine" Offensive Classic. As far as I saw, in the field of all-wood blades, only Temper Tech by which this blade was made can best integrate a proper hard feel and thinness and good looping ability into one blade. (Stiga's nano technology was created for similar objectives, that's why OC-NCT and Temper Tech Off- are somewhat functionally similar.) Kiri core is known for its good feel, but since Kiri is naturally hard, to have a good looping performance thinness is required, and without temper tech a Kiri all-wood blade as thin as this one (roughly 5.8mm) could have lost the crispy feel. So you can see andro put respectable effort into designing temper tech blades. My other blades are either too soft to have a good hitting feel or too hard to have a good looping feel. And feeling is of utmost importance for a beginner. (Apart from the subjective sensitive feeling, by "feel" I also meant objective outcome of a stroke. A good feel also means that the relation between your movement and the produced shot is linear so it won't surprise/disappoint you.) Some would say this blade has soft feeling, some say hard, in my opinion this is exactly what temper tech would achieve: a mixed, balanced rather than one-sided feel. How? the softness comes from thinness, and the hardness comes from Kiri and temper tech. For example, this and Kinetic Supreme Off- are both andro off- Kiri blade, but being 1mm thinner, this one is clearly softer in a good way, and only traded for it with a slight reduce of speed, gaining a great leap forward of control. Also, I've never used a blade that performs passive blocks so well, since it is hard but not too hard, thus utilizes appropriate amount of force of a coming shot, which really helps you survive in a point. Passive blocks are actually a very important and often ignored part of playing before you can effectively perform active defensive techniques like counter loop, counter hit or punch during a match. So considering attack and defense together, this blade helps you enjoy playing table tennis. And lastly, Temper Tech Off- is extraordinarily beautiful. Don't be bluffed by the photo here, it is blurred. Google it for a near and clear photo. It's like a classic beauty that gets more beautiful after long-time appreciation. Mahogany is something different. What more could you ask for in this price level? cons: this blade cannot provide long distance heavy loops, but if you've already been that advanced, you will chase a better blade for sure. Before that you should go well with this one for at least half to one year or more.
Mikenz  on 11/8/2017

If God (or your choice of supreme being [ wife, boss,Ma Long?] ) told me I could play with only one blade (heaven [or your choice of nirvana] forbid) it would be this one. An example of the overall performance being greater than the sum of it's individual attributes,this would have to be the most well-rounded blade in my quiver. What stands out the most (for me) about the TT is it's large sweet spot. Mine seems equal to most of my composites and has better feel and feedback .Brings out the best in all the rubbers I've tried on it,be they European or Chinese. Suited to a very wide range of playing styles and abilities.Stable, linear ,user friendly. Good up to mid distance,but you must generate your own power if you want more than off- speed. I find this blade fun to play with and it's versitility and success rate make for a very satisfying experience. So, if I was standing at the Pearly Gates (or your choice of immortal portal) I'd make sure they have this blade in stock! TG2 neo F/H , M3 B/H
EricTian  on 12/7/2014

A very good blade for the price. At TTNPP you can get it for $55. This blade has a good amount of control with its wood, blocks and counterhitting are very nice. Speed is OK, there isn't much feedback from the blade. The feedback from this blade isn't as good as traditional wood blades because the wood is "burnt", making the wood have less swell time and control. This blade is perfect for everything, really; looping, driving, smashing, short play, blocking. I have been able to do some far away chopping with this when necessary, and it bounces safely over the net with a tremendous amount of spin. It looks fantastic as well, and the FL handle is amazingly comfortable. Superb construction. Is a little bit slow though, so I'm going for something a bit faster like a Xiom Zetro Quad. The control on this blade is unmatched, and is of a very high quality. The mohagony wood looks superb!
timmafawlz  on 8/3/2012

This is my second blade from Andro. My previous blade was the Kinetic Ch Suss Hinoki ALL+. The Temper Tech offered no surprises with the fantastic quality of construction, finish and feel. What did surprise me was the improvement in both speed and control compared to the Kinetic Hinoki ALL+. I also feel that the Temper Tech provides a slightly softer touch with equal amounts of feedback. On my forehand, I am using a Baracuda 2.0 sheet, which seems to be a fantastic match. The blade has a medium hold on the ball which helps to impart a lot a spin on loops, but is hard and powerful enough for speedy smashes. I have also been able to put a nice touch on pushes. My backhand rubber is JUIC Elite Ultima 2.0. The grip of the blade really helps on the backhand side with my chops and loops, and the level of power is great for my smash. The handle is very comfortable as well. Mine weighs in at 80 grams.
artek  on 2/26/2011

Excellent blade. The ideal combination of speed and control. Great feeling in block and powerful enough in the middle distance game.

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