Andro Treiber FO OFF/S

Andro Treiber FO OFF/S Blade
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Speed 10.0
Control 9.8
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 10.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 97 / 100
Control 63 / 100
Weight 90
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If you want to keep up with modern table tennis, a synthetic fiber-reinforced blade is an absolute must-have. The immediate passing of the impulse to the hitting hand, the direct transfer of the impact energy to the ball, as well as the wide and open tempo scale make this blade construction indispensable in modern times.

Andro TREIBER offers all these advantages, along with the possibility to play the respective model in either the inner or the outer version.
Your Choice: Andro TREIBER offers one blade each with KVL Carbon and one with TXL Fiber selectable as Inner or Outer version.

TXL Fiber directly under the Hinoki outer veneer.

The Andro Treiber FO OFF/S offers you advantages with its directness at first balls on downspin, as well as in topspin rallies.

The incomparably high ball throw caused by the Hinoki outer veneer is fun and means additional danger to your opponent.

The Andro Treiber FO OFF/S is a very vital blade and thus made for active and brave acting types of players. The blade of choice of Andro product developer and former No. 11 in the world, Damien Eloi.

Class: OFF+
Material: Wood+ Composite
Plies: 5+2

Handle Length:
Flared: 100x26mm

Handle Width: 6.8mm

Blade Surface: 157x150mm

Reviews (1)

tktopgun  10 months ago

Paired this blade with Donic Bluestorm Z2 (2.1) on both sides and the blade performs at top notch. Control is amazing with the speed it offers. Makes blocking with Z2 come easy. Most comfortable feeling handle. A weapon that offers an all-out attack. A pleasure to play with. 5 stars with an overall 10. Note: Table Tennis Daily Dan and Professional Player Damien Eloi were right on with the You Tube video of this blade. Check it out.

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