Andro Treiber Z

Andro Treiber Z Blade
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User Ratings (57)

Speed 9.3
Control 9.4
Stiffness 5.9   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.1   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 96 / 100
Control 97 / 100
Weight 88g
There are 20 users using the Andro Treiber Z.
By introducing Treiber Z andro completes the Treiber series by adding a new unique high-class blade with a built-in artificial fiber. Make your own experiences and feel the soft impact harmonizing with the hardness and the stability provided by the Z-fibre. Extraordinary ball-feeling for playing solid and constant blocks or to let off dangerous spin-monsters on your opponent. Best possible balance and special top-heaviness enable you to bring the ball to its target easily. A real multi-talent!

Feel: Medium Hard

Reviews (26)

Vincent13  on 2/4/2015

Probably one of the best blade in the world. If you to play very fast or slowly, everything is possible with the treiber Z. I played with a viscaria (old model) during more 15 years but I fall in love with the treiber Z. It has all the best of the viscaria but not the defaults. The Treiber has a totally control like a defence blade but the speed is also very fast. Certainly not the faster speed but very fast as well. Just two words: buy it
JUNGLESTRUT24  on 3/29/2015

There could be only one - and I have found it! With top of the line German engineering and craftsmanship - I can't help but admire how good lookin this blade is. It is so classy yet simple and elegant and it combines both a strong and understated beauty about it, very much like the classic lines of the most sporty yet luxurious Mercedes-Benz AMG GT sports car! I first stumbled on the previous and slower version of this blade the Andro Kinetic Supreme Zylon/Kiso Hinoki OFF-. I couldn't find it anywhere online. I contacted MegaSpin and that's when I found out that it was already discontinued and that the newer faster version of it was the Andro Treiber Z. At first I was hesitant on purchasing this blade because for one, it's rated as speed: 96 and control: at 97. I thought it was marketing. But after trying it out I really noticed that it absolutely deserves all its accolades! The proof is in the pudding as they say and it shows in the games you'll keep winning once you pick this up. Paired with the Rasant Grip 2.1 I think it provides the absolute in flexibility and the best of all worlds. It does everything well. Close to the table attacks: blocks, flicks, and smashing. Mid distance chopping, forehand and backhand topspin. Long distance looping and counter topspin. And of course CONTROL! What is a fast shot if it is doesn't land or worse, timed incorrectly? This combination does it all! Finally please note that when ordering that it's a top/head heavy blade when combined with the Andro Rubbers. The Rasant Grip is ranked #1 for Spin in Table Tennis Data Base dot com and part of that is the tackiness of the tensor rubber and its weight. The Rasant Grip is not as heavy as a DHS Chinese Rubber but I believe you get so much more quality and durability with the Andro rubbers. Plus it smells good and looks badass with the neon green sponge. Again you can give credit to those crazy Germans lol ;) Good luck with your search and always play for fun, health & friendship!
HumbleBear  on 2/5/2017

Mine is a very comfortable anatomic handle with good quality and weighs 90g & measured 6.8mm thick. It's one of the thickest 7-ply composite blades excluding balsa cores. Has a thin top layer of kiso hinoki. Manufacturer did not specify exactly what the "Z fiber" is. Some said it's zylon, but the feeling I get is more like fiberglass. It has a very mild but crispy feel with very little vibration; I could play for hours without feeling tired. I have FH Nittaku S1(2.0B) + BH MarkV HPS (2.0R)=178.5g; Well matching rubber combo. Had Razka 7 on backhand was heavier, stiffer & didn't play as well but changed to Mark V HPS and like it much better. It's pretty fast but not as fast as Strato which is not a bad thing. Strato also produces more spin and loops better. However, this blade has superior control especially in short game(comparing to similar speed blades), push/chop, short serves, blocking & flat hitting. The sweetspot is huge and produces even return when hitting off center which makes blocking smashes really awesome. You can play both defensively or offensively. This is a blade that can do all tricks. I've been using it for >a month & I find my game is better using this blade. Here is my rating: Speed=9.4; Control=9.5; Sweetspot=huge; Stiffness=8(thick 7 ply); Hardness=5; Feel=great(very mild but clear); Balance=average; Spin=8.5; Short Game=very good; Mid game=very good; Flicks=easy; Push/Chop=excellent; Loop=good; Flat hit/Block/Punch=excellent; Serves=good; Throw=med low; Dwell=avg; Consistency=10; Overall=9.6
chrisfromgr  on 3/7/2017

I ve owned and played with several blades till now. It took five minutes of ball exchange with my teammate's treiber z blade to realize there is something unique to it and got myself one right away. Treiber z is very fast (off towards off+) yet not at all uncontrollable. Services, receives, short play, pushes, blocks, smashes, topspins, loops you name it, can all be performed with a vast amount of control. Careful, beginners will find it too fast. One must have some experience to take advantage of its values. Mine weights 87 gr and is a bit head heavy. Sweet spot is huge it is very stable and has a crisp feel. Throw angle is quite low so has to be paired with rubbers that have above medium throw to play with comfort over the net. Medium distance game is effortless as long as you adjust the angles. Dwell time is minimum at flat contacts (blocks, drives and smashes) so even passive shots put pressure on your opponent, but is prolonged during angle shots which helps to control and spin creation. I suggest use of medium to soft rubbers to help short dwell and add even more control. Andro has done a good job combining hinoki outer plies with the "artificial fiber" underneath which is dark blue and does not resemble zylon that is supposed to have a gold color. Overall, the best offensive blade I ve ever played, with an astonishing speed/control ratio.
BMX2  on 5/10/2018

Work of art.Has HINOKI+ZLC=great composition.I use it with Rasant(red),Rasant Beat(black).Love the combo.Its fast but I don't think it is super fast ,when you want to play touch shots,it is very controllable,once I hit hard the speed is astonishing.The control is out of this world.I cant imagine how they designed such a blade.Super accurate,great spin on my shots,looping is great,kills are great,sidespin shots are always monstrous and thus missed by opponent with an embarrassing smile. Update(8 March,2018)-feels even more amazing now as I have used many blades.Huge sweet spot.Feel of blade is good but less feel than a wooden bad vibrations at all.Handle is great,sweaty plams?no doesn't slip.Throw angle low,soft feel,high control.Great for looping +magical power away from table.Blocking =nothing special...(..Nittaku acoustic is awesome in blocking).Rubbers still working after 1+ years.

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