Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF

Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF Blade
Approx. $ 170 USD
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User Ratings (5)

Speed 8.0
Control 9.5
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 5.8   
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 80 / 100
Control 99 / 100
Weight 86g
Plies 5
Wanokiwami - a unique project. Takeshi Wanaka, a Japanese carpenter with the focus on processing noble woods and andro developers worked together hand in hand. Wanaka, a well known greatness in his field with many international awards, brings all his know-how of selection, processing and bonding premium-wood into this project. The andro development team has deliberately left a free hand to Takeshi Wanaka in many respects to allow influences from another wood processing branch. The andro development team has impressively accomplished to guide these influences and ideas into the right direction and the result is a qualitatively outstanding blade line. Promotion players, coaches and test players have confirmed this numerous tests with one voice.

Wanokiwami Midori is the masterpiece of andro defensive woods. Excellently processed, providing all comforts requested by defense players. Wanokiwami Midori fulfills all wants of a modern defender. In the development process focus was set on the balance between attack and defense. The main goal was to create a blade that provides best control at a moderate pace without suffering a loss of power at attacks. andro Wanokiwami Midori mastered this balancing act with a pretty thick core veneer covered by extremely thin intermediate and outer veneers. The core veneer provides the power and the soft outer layers carry in the necessary feeling by stable control.

Reviews (2)

Fabiofg84  8 months ago

It‘s a very nice blade, very well done. The control is very good and the speed is enough to play fast Topspins. It‘s not so slow like other defensive blade. I play with a Soft Rubber on the FH and with OX on the BH and this combination works very well!!
ttandi  on 3/24/2019

best def blade i ever played, fantastic control, expensiv but every euro worthy, try it and be a fan too!

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