Avalox Blue Thunder 550 (BT550)

Avalox Blue Thunder 550 (BT550) Blade
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User Ratings (16)

Speed 7.6
Control 8.7
Stiffness 3.9   
Some flex
Hardness 5.0   
Consistency 6.7   
Occasional variations
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
There are 4 users using the Avalox Blue Thunder 550 (BT550).
Avalox table tennis blades are the excellent result of experience from the China National Team players, in combination with unique knowledge in Sweden, how to manufacture superior quality blades. Avalox blades are developed and designed for the modern technical play, giving your strokes a maximum of power.

With Avalox blades the China National Team players have won a lot of gold-medals and titles and are dominating the major international table tennis tournaments.

Reviews (11)

BlackDog  on 10/19/2012

Bought this because I'm an intermediate player trying to take my game to the next level, and I was told by more experienced players that a slower, control oriented racket in place of my OFF racket was a step in the right direction. So... High quality Swedish craftsmanship. It's very well made. I know wood and racket construction better than most, and this is an excellent blade in that respect. My FL handle is medium thick. I have big hands, and this is okay. But I wouldn't want it any smaller. The handle design is great, though. Feels comfortable. I put some 2.0 Gambler Six Shooter on it. There's a lot of vibration. Doesn't bother me, but it might some people. The feel on shots is superb, especially pushes and chopping. I'm keeping all sorts of shots on the table that I was bouncing off the walls with my other racket. This is true of looping shots as well. This blade is sealed. I have changed out the rubber once, and it came off with no splinters. Well done, Avalox. I don't notice a problem with power. It's much slower, but I can still hit cracking shots from both wings. If anything, I can hit harder, because I can keep the ball on the table consistently. I would recommend this racket to just about anybody. It's not exciting, but it is serviceful, controlled, and has excellent feedback. It's an excellent buy for the money.
firetack  on 4/5/2017

After struggling with the polyball with my flexy def blades decided to pull this one out of the cupboard.T05 1.9 works on this,high arcing at pace with accuracy,short game is ok too.LP is ok in ox and thin sponge with enough dwell to make backspin.There is flex and some vibrations but not too much flex like with my def blades(defplay senso,black balsa 3.0)and the vibrations are clean so the feedback is good,I am pleasantly surprised that this works with the polyball as it is thin at 5.2,I thought it would bend too much at high impact More off- than all+
easy  on 8/31/2013

Excellent blade for spin oriented game. It is not very good for blocking and flat hitting but it is amazing for any kind of spin based strategy. Monster top spin, sudden change of pace, this blade can do it. The speed is enough for offensive game but it's not the speed but rather the spin and the possible variations of pace that this blade can do that is its strength. If you think your game lacks spin, try this blade.
Anonymous  on 1/8/2012

One of the best allround looping blades. Similar to Stiga Allround but better for loop/not as good for smashing. Flexible, medium soft, big catapult. Good, light weight for high control. Most of the US1100 loopers using TBS and T05 would gain 200 rating points just by using this blade for a few months.
Sinewin  on 3/8/2011

I reduce vibration with glue alteco around handle and neck without rubber (cpen), more good fotr hitting, smash flick and suitable for my playing close to table. I am happy for blocking agains smash and looping. I am using hexer for fh and spin art for bh.

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