Avalox Blue Thunder 777 (BT777)

Avalox Blue Thunder 777 (BT777) Blade
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User Ratings (11)

Speed 9.0
Control 8.4
Stiffness 6.4   
Hardness 7.1   
Medium hard
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10
Control 8.0
Weight 90g
Plies 7
There are 1 users using the Avalox Blue Thunder 777 (BT777).
Like the seven-ply model of the original Avalox line, this is a relatively light, yet extremely fast, blade. Avalox added additional touch to those characteristics, as well as a slight reduction in weight. All Avalox Blue Thunder blades come pre-coated to avoid wood fiber loss when removing rubber. Made in Sweden.

The Chinese National Team first took delivery of these blades in December of 1997 and gradually most of its players are switching to Blue Thunder. Now these blades are available to a few retailers around the world as well.

Reviews (6)

yaoli  on 3/28/2017

I used avx P500 for 8 years, then changed to P900 in the 40+ age. I also tried P700, Hado, J-Aramid, and other BTF and NITTAKU and STIGA blades. I only found Avx the best blades ever, not the fastest, but it boosts ur game. U wont make stupid mistakes as long as u return the ball in a decent movement, it takes care of all the rest work. P777 is my blade, best alternatives for P500, suits me more than P900. P900 is powerful, but P777 more hold the ball and control.
yaphetshao  on 1/19/2017

Overall a very good blade. Before i try this, i thought this would be a hard and fast blade, and lack of control. However, after glue the rubber and tryout, im surprise to find that i found a hard, fast but controllable blade. The rubber i used are haifu whale 2 on fh and 729 focus 3 on backhand. serving : the point which surprise me. I thought it will be hard to serve topspin/downspin cause of the hardness, but i managed to serve the downspin short and spinny with the help of lowering my center of gravity. The blade feels well and act good for not pushing too much the rubber. topspin and counter topspin : with proper posture and skill, this blade should have no problem on topspin and counter topspin. However, the trajectory of the ball is slightly lower than blade such as Clipper wood and petr korbel. With a little adjustment, it is not a big problem to play this blade. The highlight of the blade is at bouncing/pushing the ball. The hardness and solid stiffness of the blade, even when using soft rubber, i could do the shot of the ball without adding much spin on it and the ball do release from the blade and rubber fast and accurate. Overall, this blade can be consider as a hard, but good to control blade. Not consider as a looping machine out of table, but with proper skill, the blade still consider as a very very good blade for player who play regularly.
Near  on 1/6/2017

Very good for topspin
ex_hai05  on 3/29/2015

Good blade. First time use, win. BH style: Choping and blocking attacking with LPs DW 388D-1 Q.A 0.9mm is image. FH: Blue fire JP03: quite good, because I have some mistake to return back spin & no spin on table. It's good blade.
Amilcar  on 11/30/2012

Just got a second Avalox cpen BT777.UsingStiga Carbo Sound and Donic Coppa both Max. Ialso use a cpen Hybrid Wood NCT.For $63 you get an unbeatable 7 plye pre-sealed all wood blade.Quality ,speed and wood feel.Truely amazing !!

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