Avalox Hado

Avalox Hado Blade
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User Ratings (7)

Speed 9.0
Control 8.6
Stiffness 6.3   
Hardness 5.0   
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0
Control 10
Plies 9
Materials Kiso Hinoki
The AVX HADO is one of the first -ever- 9-ply Hinoki blades. All plies are made from the rare Kiso-Hinoki wood, grown only in Japan and harvested under very strict conditions. The nine plies of this soft, precious wood interact to achieve a surprisingly soft touch. A long dwell time allows a top spin stroke to "hold on" to the ball, which produces an extreme amount of spin.

Reviews (5)

Bacterius  on 1/10/2011

Tremendous blade. It's All+/Off-. Enough speed when required and highest control for an 'offensive' blade. TOP material, high quality. Very good to combine with fast rubbers.
Rafael_kurumin  on 4/7/2019

Fast and fast. This blade don't have dwell time. Madeira muito rápida, dispara muito rápido a bola, entretanto não possui vibração. Extremamente leve. Com borracha chinesa fica péssimo o jogo, incontrolável, exige firmeza na mão, senão a bola espirra.
yaoli  on 11/5/2018

RBH, the handle of this blade is not comfortable. spin and speed are ok, hand feedback is good.... anyway, to buy this, why not buy bt777, which is way much better.
sharkyyy  on 8/10/2015

I ve tried many blades but this blades is awesome despite it is fast. Its off blade, not off-. I have two blades, both are 85 g. Its stiff(not the stiffest, very precise,), very good control,especially in topspin. Due good dwell, it suits with almost every rubbers. Its fast topspin machine with very high control. It has soft feeling(despite its stiff). Chop and push are very easy. It has linear characteristic because its stiff. It has higher throw. As i sad , in this speed category is the best what i have tried.
santilohi  on 6/26/2011

pretty wood shovel good hinoki, but badly finished, the surfaces of the wood does not estan completely flat, and but that is expensive. They do not convince the 9 laminae to me hinoki, too fast and lacking of control, I prefer other wood hinoki, of 7 and 5 laminae or only two laminae or only one, that have better control, or of Galaxy - Jinhe, my favourite or Butterfly. (. Klampar) or (Jonyer) Proven with Chinese rubbers 999 Globe National. I do not like this shovel has of better and but cheap.

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