Avalox J-Power

Avalox J-Power Blade
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Speed 9.2
Control 8.8
Stiffness 6.9   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.4   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.5
Control 9.8
Plies 7
Materials Kiso hinoki, wooden within
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The AVX J-Power seven-ply blade is designed in such a way that the high velocity generated by this blade does not interfere with its ability to generate powerful topspin. The highest-quality Japanese hinoki wood is uniquely suitable to allow high speed, yet it maintains the necessary dwell time.

Reviews (6)

Rafael_kurumin  on 4/7/2019

A good blade, but heavy, mine was 95g in chinese penhold. Good speed and control, but Avalox Ma Wenge is better in all aspects.
RealBow  on 6/28/2017

This blade is a good offensive blade. It has a height of 15,8 cm and a width of 15,2 cm. The handle is 10,2 cm long and the flare form is a good european average, thick enough for bigger hands. The weight of my blade is exactly 88g like descripted. It is crafted pretty well, though the lense of my blade doesn't fit perfectly but a bit sloped. I had to grind the edges at the handle with sandpaper a bit, because I did find them a little bit too sharp. The seven plies of Kiso Hinoki add up to a thickness of about 6,5 mm. The three inner plies are 1,3 mm each, so they are 3,9 mm together. The 4/5th and 6/7th ply are about 0,65 mm each, so they add up to 2 x 1,3 mm which equals 6,5 mm for the whole blade. So the resulting stiffness pretty much comes from the seven plies with that strength overall. So you have very little torsion at hard ball-contacts so a quite good blocking or smashing option for a hinoki blade. Speaking of ball-contact: the moment of ball contact is pretty smooth and a little "elastic" (that's hinoki). It transmits a really fine vibration when playing the ball soft and short. It is faster than my Stiga Tube Off, faster than my Sanwei HC.5 and just a little bit slower than my Yinhe T-7. While the topspeed of the AVX J-Power comes close to the T-7 (which has carbon inside) it still allows to play a soft block, to hold the push short, to loop on backhand nicely. So it is a good blade for blocking, precise, stiff enough, variable with the speed and a nice blade for any sort of topspin, driving, looping or counterdriving. There it is really fast and spinny: the ball accelerates on the table observable. The service can be placed short easily. Generating spin with the service is above average of blades with that speed, I'd say. The only problem I see is, that you always have to hit the sweetspot. You miss it - you mishit mostly. And the sweetspot is quite a small area. So you have to move really good. So it's surely a blade for better players.
dark  on 10/19/2011

rápido e de controle é o que eu mais encontrei nesta blade. Eu estava jogado em distancia média e foi uma grande sensação o que eu senti no momento. I LOVE THIS BLADE!
Anonymous  on 6/23/2011

best blade
palubo  on 6/11/2011

Great blade! I currently use it and I like it very much. It's fast and very controllable. The problem is it has some vibration, but if you get used to it, you'll enjoy. Avallo made a good job there!

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