Avalox P500

Avalox P500 Blade
Approx. $ 65 USD
Price $

User Ratings (29)

Speed 8.3
Control 9.0
Stiffness 4.5   
Hardness 5.4   
Consistency 8.9   
Always identical
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Materials Koto, spruce, ayous
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Reviews (14)

Frogger  on 5/19/2015

Great blade but needs sealing when new. Outstanding balance with great feeling ST grip. This is a loopers/allround blade for many levels of players. Quality is high, made in Sweden. Attractive cosmetics. Goes well with harder Chinese rubbers. When your done with stiff composite blades and want to feel every shot then this blade is an excellent choice. With Tenergy's or Calibra Tour Series rubbers this blade is a looping machine at all distances. Loopers will enjoy this blade more than hitters but flat kill shots are very good also. Runlox-5 is the same blade but at a higher price as P500. A great all wood looping blade. Used by National Chinese Team members several years ago. Update, outrageous spin with T05FX 2.1. I want to emphasis the feeling and ball touch this blade has. The trade off from composite blades is a smaller sweet spot but more control and feeling. Speed is fast with fast rubbers.
ControlledSpin  on 11/18/2017

After using the Viscaria for awhile I feel like this is the Viscaria of 5 Ply wood blades. Looping close and mid distance is great. Has great feel but not a lot of noisy vibrations, just enough to let you feel connected to the contact. The speed is good and plenty for non-pro players away from the table, control is outstanding. This is a fairly famous blade as the Chinese National team used it for a good while back in the day. Pairs great with harder tensors or Chinese rubbers. Approx 85g. 5.8mm. Koto/Spruce/Ayous. Highly recommended for those looking for a great balanced looping 5 Ply blade.
icontek  7 months ago

Might be the best sub-$100 5 ply for allround attacking. Flex creates power, harder outer ply provides nice precision. Blade has good feel for spin. Pairs nice with Chinese tacky forehands. Blade feels good with ESN tensors and Japanese sponged rubbers. Blade is good over the table, but the flex allows play out to mid distance. Looping blade. Was hard to find a sub 90g sample.
Advocate67  8 months ago

Заказывал в tabletennis11, попросил 86-88 грамм, прислали 91, не предупредив, центр тяжести смещён в лопасть, играть проблемно таким основанием, в замене отказали, так как на основании уже наклеены накладки, это называется bad service, guys
Kagankocatepe  9 months ago

Kesinlikle super bir tahta ozellikle sert tahtaya alismis sporcular icin ne cok sert ne cok yumusak sadece marka ismi yok

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