Avalox P700

Avalox P700 Blade
Approx. $ 55 USD
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User Ratings (17)

Speed 8.7
Control 8.6
Stiffness 5.5   
Hardness 5.5   
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
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Reviews (11)

Frogger  on 11/10/2014

Compared to P500 is less springy, a bit faster, stiffer with nice sweet spot. Perfect speed depending on rubber selection. Blocks are better than P500 but P500 shines for looping. Seal this blade when new. A very nice blade for the price. ST grip is nice and not to small. Nice touch for the short game. I love this blade and the P500. When you want to feel the ball these blades shine. Weights can vary so always ask for the weight that suits you.
msilhanek  on 11/18/2011

This is the best looping blade I've ever tryed. Good speed (should be OFF+ but it is more likely only slightly faster OFF), soft feel, good controll. I don't like the sound but I don't care. This is simply an awesome blade for attackers prefering more spin. It works well with chinese or medium-hard european rubbers. I have an excellent experience with Rakza and DHS Neo, worse with Tenergy. I'll get the 2nd sheet of Rakza and my setup will be perfect.
yaoli  11 months ago

either P700 or P500 suits 40+ age, its just how u use them. P500 can be slow, but very spin and so good on looping. P700 faster, but if u r trying to flip back spin from short table, it may easily go down to net. The best blade to do that is P777>P500>P900>P700
Taka  on 2/23/2017

More stiff than p500, very good blade.
Amilcar  on 1/25/2017

I highly recommend this iconic/legendary blade for players that like classic Swedish design Limba/7plye construction. Used by so many great Chinese champions.Comparing to my trusted C-Pen Clipper Wood 83g the P700 is heavier at least 84g.My C-pen P700 is faster and harder vs the Clipper Wood.I have about 15 blades ,I would really try hard to make it my back up blade.Stiga and Avalox are definetly my two favorite brands.Still ocasionally play with my Stiga Hybrid and Avalox Bt777.Got the P700 from Alpha,nice and helpful store.It is an excellent Clipper alternative and I must say the P700 still relevant even with 40+ plastic ball.

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