Avalox P900

Avalox P900 Blade
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Speed 9.1
Control 9.0
Stiffness 5.5   
Hardness 5.6   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 90g
Plies 9
Thickness 6.0mm
The first addition to the famous classic Avalox blade line in 20 years. After the legendary P500 and P700 blades that dominated table tennis for a decade, Avalox introduces its first Swedish-made 9-ply blade. With 9 plies, one might expect a stiff, thick blade, but this blade is the opposite: Only a fraction of a millimeter thicker than a 5-ply blade and thinner than the P700, this blade's specially selected wood plies give it the touch needed for an all-round offensive play while providing enough power to deal with the additional weight and hardness of the plastic ball. Made in Sweden.

Reviews (3)

twentyonepaddles  10 months ago

This is the first rubber I have bought and it is GREAT. Very tacky, highly recommend it. I paired it with the yasaka mark V 2mm rubber on both sides. I can a lot of spin with this. Great for looping and backspin and other stuff, all around great.
yaoli  on 3/26/2017

It s an updated version of P500, with the good control and sound dwell time from P500 and speed and power from P700. Spin: 82/100, comparing to 98/100 of P500 in my opinion. It somehow less spin than P500, but more power and speed to complement which, with other qualitites remain unchanged. Speed: 90/100 of butterfly innerforce layer ZLC. its like softer than innerforce series and Garaydia series, more solid then innerforce ALC and ZLF. best thing about this blade is the dwell time, using hurricane national version rubbers. FH and BH r just excellent, good power, feeling so well, more speed and power than P500, better control than P700. less spin than P500 though. not too hard nor soft, everything just fine, just fine. master piece it is. ----------------- Below r the review after 4-month trial. It s 99%perfect blade, dwell time excellent, short table flip back spin like so ease whatever the spin r, it just return it. counter stroke with precision, tips: using 1/2 inner side of the blade to counter. Loop back spin with ease as well, as long as ur movement is correct, it return the ball never let u down. I used P900, P700, P500(a classic but a bit less power), P777(which i finalised best suits me, therefore sell the P900 on ebay), J-Aramid, Hado, butterfly innerforce ZLC, ALC, ZLF, Garaydiq ZLC, ALC, T5000, STIGA diomond touch, ...etc. My suggestion, if u looking for an improvement of consistance for BH and FH, and more feel and easy looping, then go for P900. If u need loop + speed + smash + good hand feel, then P700(less effective in inner table flip back spin than P900) if u go for FH speed +power+one drive kill, then Innerforce ALC or ZLC.
mark7797  on 8/24/2016

Good blade at 90 gram. Nice weight. Now changed to Yasaka Mark V rubber and its awesome.

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