Banda Pegasus

Banda Pegasus Blade
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User Ratings (4)

Speed 6.1
Control 8.3
Stiffness 4.5   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Overall 7.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.0
Control 8.0
Weight 80g +/-5g
Plies 5
Materials Limba-Spruce-Ayous...
Thickness 5.6mm
The Pegasus has a soft, but offensive, feel that gives extra speed to loops and smashes, while providing control on safer shots like pushes and blocks.

Reviews (4)

Stoyo  on 3/16/2016

I don't know who rated the blade like this but either they dont know what they are talking about or the consistency of the product is poor. Speed at flat hitting is medium+ i gave a 6/10, control is pretty good 8/10 . Now this is a thin 5.5~mm blade and it IS flexible and vibrates a lot. It is medium hard on stiffness and i found it is better for playing away from the table. I use it with Palio CJ8000 japanese sponge or biotech i dont remember and Barracuda and it doesnt forgive the mistakes. Its an ALL+ blade but not for everyone, overall 8/10, nice blade but not my style either.
ben4528  on 3/17/2014

I bought it as a straight handle, Forehand rubber-Hurricane II, backhand rubber-Nittaku, Hammon Pro Alpha. Very good combination for blocking and looping from back hand.
mattythegunner  on 1/1/2014

timeshift's review is more or less spot on. I purchase one for £15.00 and played for about 6 months with on. Found the blade to be slow and stiff. Would be good for a beginner.
timeshift  on 10/27/2013

this was my 1st professional blade and it was good enough for me to learn the basic moves and improve them . the only downside of the blade is that it feels hard , and has some vibration , but after a while is not a problem. a BIG DOWNSIDE is the fact that if you want to glue and reglue the rubbers on this wood , the outer layer of wood will brake off , because it's very sensible . i has to glue them to the middle layer in order to stop them chipping . i would only recommend this blade for a beginner player and/or a player who plays maybe once a week and plays for fun and doesn't want to invest to much in his equipment.

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