BBC All Around

BBC All Around Blade
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Speed 6.7
Control 9.2
Stiffness 5.7   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 6.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 85g
Plies 5
Materials African Cherry (5)
Thickness 6mm
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African Cherry wood has such a high strength-to-weight ratio that it's used for sailing ship masts. The All Around is a control-oriented blade that is a perfect entry-point into the world of custom blades. This blade in the Attack Junior shape that I offer makes the ideal blade for kids aged 5-10.

Each blade is made to order with choice of head shape:

Attack II
Attack Junior
C-Pen Round
J-Pen Round
J-Pen Square

A variety of handle types and woods are also available. Weight can be dialed in to your request within the above stated range.

Reviews (3)

pippy  on 4/11/2015

This is a great chopper's blade with 804 and 837 sponged rubbers. It has a flexy feel but not springy probably due to the large blade face of the Chopper. I find it slower than my MP but faster than my Toxic. I also find it to be higher throwing when blocking with ox lps. My blade weighs 92g. It performs best far from the table as the sponged rubbers act to dampen the vibrations of this thin 5 ply African Cherry wood blade. You can chop and retrieve effortlessly with my selection of rubbers, manipulate & take spin, and create a wide range of shots from backspin defence to close to the table topspin attack, and even wobbly no spins, from both wings. Great looking custom blade and handle gives a fun alternative to a pushblocking game!
cogito  on 4/10/2013

In contrast to the above published values for speed I gave it a 7.5. Values of 6 and below are for true def-blades and this an All blade. I use it with LP-out on the backhand and I am very enthusiastic about the blades performance in braking down incoming attacks. It is this feature that caused me to turn from a BBC 7-9-7 to the BBC All. The forehand of the 7-9-7 is of more precision and power but for me as a 80% backhand orientated player the BBC All is the better overall choice. Fortunately this choice is accompanied by an unbeatable price.
Tassie52  on 10/14/2010

My All Around is like every BBC blade - unique. I'm a defender, so the blade is a chopper shape; my hands are large, so the handle is made to fit me comfortably. The weight is therefore heavy, but that's the way I want it. The All Around teamed with defensive rubbers is superb for my game. The joy of course is that if I had been looking for something entirely different, that's what Charlie would have delivered. And at a ridiculously cheap price!

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