BBC Fiddler

BBC Fiddler Blade
Approx. $ 85 USD
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Speed 8.0
Control 9.0
Stiffness 3.0   
Some flex
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 10.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.0 / 10
Control 8.0 / 10
Weight 80g-95g
Plies 5
Materials Mahogany (2) - Cypress - Mahogany (2)
Thickness 5mm-8mm
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This all-wood variant of the venerable single-ply Cypress design gives you incredible stability and control while retaining resistance to splitting. I offer the Fiddler -- so named due to its instrument-grade woods and adhesives -- in core thicknesses ranging from 4mm-7mm. Blades on the thin side of that range are slower, flexier, and favor the control player or looper. Blades on the thick side of that range favor the blocker/hitter or OX LP player.

Each blade is made to order with choice of head shape:

Attack II
Attack Junior
C-Pen Round
J-Pen Round
J-Pen Square

A variety of handle types and woods are also available. Weight can be dialed in to your request within the above stated range.

Reviews (1)

steve  on 11/22/2010

I use soft light rubber(donic big slam) and found the fiddler to match very nicely with this combo. I am currently using donic accuda s3 and like the combo of rubber ...fiddler even better. I have played with countless blades and made many myself in my quest for the perfect blade. I have always favored softer feeling ,non vibration blades with some flex. I must say this blade fits. With the softer rubber the dynamics of range are seemingly endless. From service ,net play ,effortless flips to controlled topping rolls...loops and loop kills, it performs flawless at all levels. I was amazed at the ability to croscourt smash at a tournament this week. The fiddler defiantly has a hidden gear here as these shots consistently landed at brutal speed. I honestly didn't except this. Very little needs be said of the chairmanship as Charlie's blades are superb. The fiddler I received is beautifully finished and has a long strait handle with a very distinct level at the thumb,nice touch Charlie. I'm trying a 10-9-10 now with a scoop handle and attack head shape ....very unique design.(more on that later). One very noteworthy design on all the blades Charlie has sent....A WEB area were the handle meets the blade face is higher and more cut out..I really,really like this feature. It allows the blade to fit much better with little to no pressure on my middle finger.(shake hand grip). Great job Charlie. Finally some beautifully crafted , extreme quality blades that frankly can be ordered in a variety or handles ,thickness ,blade face shapes and weights. As a blade maker myself I can only say...I'M NOT WORTHY...Charlie is certainly thinking out of the box most of the time, and is continually bringing out new products. He tells me ill like.......and.......but he may have to pry this fiddler out of my hand first. Simply a fantastic custom blade. Steve

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