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Speed 9.2
Control 9.5
Stiffness 5.7   
Hardness 5.7   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Control 9.0
Weight 80-85
Plies 9
Materials (2)Hinoki Cypress (4)nano carbon (2)white koto and a Bombax core
Thickness 6.7

Reviews (4)

darkermylove  on 8/3/2017

Really just a wonderful blade. You hear things about rubbers or blades having "gears" but this is the first blade where I really feel that it has such control (lower gear) on passive blocks and active blocks but when you loop (high gear) the top end speed is really amazing. I'm not sure about the ratings here about the hardness and stiffness but comparing it to my Darker 7P-2A.Carbon which is 7ply (hinoki 5 - carbon 2) this BBC Nine as soft and less stiff--- which is pretty amazing for a 9ply blade. I cannot really find any faults with the blade. Now I'm a fan of Cypress/Hinoki in general but the control you get without sacrificing speed on your loops is really why i feel it's worth the price. Even away from the table looping is quite easy.' Construction quality is top notch and working with Charlie a real pleasure.
destodave  on 2/7/2017

Ok...let me start off with this disclaimer...I helped test and name this blade that Charlie made. I sell some of his blades at the club I run, and I've been so impressed with his craftsmanship that I started selling his blades to fellow players at the club. I helped name Excalibur and LoopMaster 3.0, and I've sold several of those blades as well as some of his Flashdrive 3.0 blades. They are all excellent blades and you can't go wrong with any of them. I was playing with the Flashdrive blade and played so well with it that it was hard to let go of, but when the NINE came along I finally parted ways with the Flashdrive. Funny thing about that...there was a State tournament that I was getting ready for and just the night before I played matches with both the NINE and the Flashdrive. I played well with both, but the NINE had the speed that the Flashdrive did along with excellent control. In the end I knew this was just a better blade. As Charlie has stated, this is the best blade he's ever made and I have to agree, although the other blades are all excellent too. This blade has a good high throw angle, plenty of speed, and still good control. It's easy to see why players like Hinoki wood because it's pretty fast but still soft enough for good control. I would say the blade is medium hard. I only gave it a 9.5 because I just don't like to give out a 10, but this blade is close. I called it NINE because NINE really is a magic number as I indicated in the description of the blade. If you like Offensive blades that have a great deal of control and medium hardness then you will love this blade. should ask about Charlie's new Anatomic handle. It's really great!
Natee  on 12/6/2016

The best blade ever made by Charlie Smith!!! I have been playing with blade 9 almost every day for about 2 months. I have to say that it's the best blade I have ever used so far. The wood feeling and sound when hitting the ball is so awesome. The speed of the ball when hit with this blade is extremely fast. Much faster than any top commercial offensive blades that I have. My friend even told me that this blade was such an illegal one since it was too fast and he didn't even want me to use it against him, haha. Also this blade is super accurate . No matter how fast and hard I hit the ball far away from table, the ball would go directly to the position I wanted and never missed the table. This is so incredible!! It's such a killer blade!! About the control, it's so amazing that this super fast blade also provided me with such a superb control when blocking and defending both close and far away from the table. I could do all things on the table with this blade. I have to say that I enjoy the game much more than before thanks to this blade!! Lastly, the craftsmanship of this blade is super super top-notch. It's like a precious piece of art made by a world class artist.
Pingponggal  on 9/25/2016

The NINE by Charlie (BBC) is so aptly named due to its nine layers; five wood and four carbon layers. The four nano carbon layers are so incredibly thin, making this nine ply blade solid and unbelievably powerful. The great thing about the NINE is that it provides impressive speed, yet doesn't give up anything in the accuracy department. The NINE is extremely stable and has a very controlled soft touch over the table, while distributing unparalleled power from off the table. It is an OFF blade delivering excellent velocity, and with the right rubber extraordinary looping ability. I am using the Tibhar Evolution MX-P, but have heard that the Donic Barracuda Big Slam and the Donic Acuda Blue P2 are excellent for looping, while providing a controlled sensitivity to incoming spin. This blade has the perfect combination of control, power and speed, not to mention that Charlie's craftsmanship is a work of art. The NINE is a blade that will "pay off" in a big way. If you want a very fast, yet controlled blade, then make your next blade the NINE. You won't be disappointed.

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