BBC Quad-Trip


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Approx. $ 135 USD
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Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 80-85
Plies 7
Materials Cypress (4) - Nano Carbon (3)
Thickness 6.7
Instrument grade Cypress meets the miracle of nano-carbon!

Reviews (1)

ahammer  on 9/21/2017

I have recently been playing with a Quad Trip ++ produced by Blades By Charlie. Charlie is a master craftsman who takes pride in each paddle he produces. He has been making innovative, quality blades for over 40 years. I am an offensive player and have found this paddle to be a great benefit to my game. This blade has four layers of instrument grade cypress with 3 layers of nano carbon. The result is a solid, responsive, powerful blade that also has great touch and feel for the ball. I am using Evolution ELS rubber (2.1 FH and 1.9 BH). This blade has a very large sweet spot and produces powerful shots, in addition to well controlled spin. When playing against choppers, I find that I am able to precisely place shots and counter-attack when the opportunity presents itself. When hitting from well back from the table, I am able to hit topspin shots that accelerate off the paddle and force my opponent into a defensive position. As a final added benefit, there is a distinctive sound when the ball is hit well. I am having fun as I continue to discover the improvements to my game that are possible using this paddle.

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