BBC Single-ply Cypress

BBC Single-ply Cypress Blade
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Speed 10.0
Control 9.8
Stiffness 8.0   
Hardness 0.7   
Very soft
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 10.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 85g-95g
Plies 1
Materials Cypress
Thickness 10mm
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Instrument-quality vertical grain wood transmits sound like no other medium. So it's no wonder that world-class players have favored the unique qualities of single-ply Cypress blades for decades. The touch and feedback you receive from a single-ply blade is simply unlike any other type of blade, period. The ultra-soft feel makes this a looper's dream come true. Hitters have used single-ply blades since the 1960's to leave welts on their unwary opponents. You will like my Single-ply Cypress.

Note: This blade is available with any of my handles and shapes, not just the J-pen Square you see pictured above.

Each blade is made to order with choice of head shape:

Attack II
Attack Junior
C-Pen Round
J-Pen Round
J-Pen Square

A variety of handle types and woods are also available. Weight can be dialed in to your request within the above stated range.

Reviews (4)

ChairmanMeow  on 11/12/2016

This single-ply hinoki blade is great for those who want tons of power on hits, but a soft touch in the short game. Charlie can make this blade in a variety of different thicknesses, and with many different handles, weights, and head sizes. If you tell him what you want, he will make it. All of his blades are well known for their impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, balance, and overall quality. He also offers great customer service. This blade is very prone to splitting if it is hit on the edge with the grain. This goes for all single ply hinoki blades. You have to be careful with it or put something more than just regular edge tape on the side if you want it to survive. It has lots of speed, it is the fastest blade I have used by far. The softness of the wood and it's stiffness make for a combination that is unparalleled in any other type of blade. It is truly unique; it easily spins and controls the ball due to its softness, and it can also hit the ball at insane speeds due to its stiffness. Control in the short game, but easily available power for when you want to put away the ball. It is a loopers dream. However, it is quite thick. Personally, this is no issue, but some people can't handle a thick blade because their hands are too small to hold it well. Charlie generally makes this blade around 10mm thick, but other thicknesses are possible. I have three of these: a 9mm one at 95g, a 9.5mm one at 97g, and a 10mm one at 95 g. The 10mm blade that I have is made of slightly less dense wood, which explains the weight. Charlie can also change the weight if you want to, and he can change the balance as well. His handles are some of the best I have tried. I use a flared shakehand handle with scoops.
hleeTT  on 4/29/2018

I tried Charlie's S-PC blade that belongs to a friend. The blade hits very fast and quick! Maybe a little too fast for me which makes my FH looping somewhat difficult. BH blocks very well. BH flip is ok giving the fact that the rubber is not very good. Mid/long range need improvement. Control needs improvement. I do like the sound and feel. All in all, it is a good blade. I do like it to be a bit bigger.
keilperry  on 7/29/2016

I believe this blade is offered in two thicknesses. I am a relative beginner so I'm not going to rate the speed, control etc. I could tell there was something special about the single ply wood characteristics though. I choose the larger thickness and pistol grip handle. The pistol grip handle felt great until I played with it. It caused you to have an inflexible/rigid grip which felt uncomfortable after a while. I found it harder to get used to the larger thickness of the blade as well. If I were to order this again I would try the smaller thickness and a flared handle. The experience is good ordering from Charlie. The craftsmanship was top notch and so was the speed of delivery. You couldn't ask for a better service for a custom blade. Highly recommended.
rabanito  on 5/2/2013

Together with American Hinoki's 1ply, this blade is the best substitute to Darker 90. The one ply blade, which could be a handshake style (it is not simply for pen usage), offers an incredible speed with a super soft touch. This combination allows the player to control the ball while being an attacker. This soft touch is key when chopping and defending, while the speed and power is important in attacking and looping. This blade, then, satisfies most players. It is a pleasure to play with. Added to these issues is that Charlie does a great job with his blades. He is famous for his quality. He also offers several options regarding weight, size and handles. And he is even willing to experiment with new woods.

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