Best of Five V3 ALL+

Best of Five V3 ALL+ Blade
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Speed 7.0
Control 9.8
Stiffness 3.0   
Some flex
Hardness 2.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90 / 100
Control 86 / 100
Weight 75g
Materials Balsa center
The V3Blade is a really excellent processed wood for all players with normal technique, which after an all-round game feeling with a tick more power to search without losing control. Featherweight all-round super balsa wood. Soft and lyrical in the attack. Through the chill longer ball contact automatically increases the certainty and precision strike. The balance point is at V3Blade balanced elected. The V3Blade can be used by talented youngsters as well as from the middle ambitious players are well controlled. The superior ball control, the perfect ball feedback and the balanced features are undoubtedly the most important criteria for this category Allround-/Offensiv the Topholz. Players who in their topspin still want to retain control, with the V3Blade decisive progress in their playing strength reach. Ideal for the modern, varied topspin game. Feel at V3Blade plus the degree of control that is sometimes forgives a technical error.
Therefore try immediate - it's worth it. (Translated from German)

Reviews (1)

Anonymous  on 4/29/2012

Good control. Excellent value for money. My exemplar 55g, not 75g (153X150)

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