Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon

Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon Blade
Approx. $ 230 USD
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User Ratings (50)

Speed 9.6
Control 8.7
Stiffness 6.9   
Hardness 7.6   
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 14
Control 8.0
Weight 88
Plies 5
Materials 2 plies of Zylon Carbon, 2 plies of Hinoki, center is Kiri
Thickness 7.1mm
There are 25 users using the Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon.
The Amultart ZL Carbon is a Hybrid of Butterfly's Industry Leading carbon Technology with our new ZL fiber. The Resulting blade has great speed, But holds the ball a little longer than the normal carbon fiber making production of heavy topspin easier

Reviews (36)

pendy  on 10/22/2014

This blade sure FAST , for me REALLY FAST. to better control i put soft rubber , i put donic blue fire M3 on FL , and stiga calibra Tour S in BH , I definitely love this blade !
tova  on 5/16/2014

A great blade. The same handsome Japanese manufactoring. Fantastic feeling, amazing on the block and smashing, hard looping. I'm tryng with Tnrgy 05 fh and 25 bh. Wow!
A_R_T  on 6/1/2013

I'm a returning TT player. Played regularly 15yrs ago, now have been playing about 6 hrs /week for 3 months. When people say this blade only for advance player, i can safely say they dont know what they talking about or it's just too fast (can't control the blade). My game is mostly pushes, blocks, and plays spin game but occasionally counterloop or smash when opportunity arise. All I'm saying is this blade can do short game just good as other blades, not to mention gears for back table speed monster. I beat a friend who usually tough to beat. That really sums it up really.
krp  on 2/18/2010

Why it is said that this blade is exclusively for advanced players? My own & my students experience is quite contrary... right from intermediate up to very advanced & may be up to any level - this is a great blade - especially with T05... only thing is that one must have taste for what it offers - best for classic all-round offense
Sallom  on 7/30/2009

This blade is really amazing and worth every penny, you can create deadly loops with it from both wings.. Even though I use the penhold version but it is not that different. It is also heavy (e.g mine was 95g) which I really like!

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