Butterfly Boll TriCarbon

Butterfly Boll TriCarbon Blade
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User Ratings (38)

Speed 9.7
Control 7.1
Stiffness 8.2   
Hardness 9.0   
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 11 / 12
Control 6.8 / 12
Weight 95g
Plies 9
Materials 6 plies of wood (outer plies are Paduk wood); 3 plies of carbon
Thickness 6.9mm
There are 4 users using the Butterfly Boll TriCarbon.

Reviews (28)

jbgwtf  on 5/29/2015

my overall its 10 , thats because my previous rating is deleted it was 4.. im mad for that, almost deleted profile. but i dont write reviews for me... i like butterfly, but this blade was mistake..its crazy fast, stiff, and it will crack if you are not enough carfull it has terrible control ,comparing with other very fast blades from off+ rating... if you whant blade to improve your mistakes then its best buy... i forgot to say that this blade is ittf banned :D -1 overall 3 :) i think that my rating is ok now
moddefensor  on 4/20/2014

Tha hardest, quickest, stiffness blade I have ever played. I thought it would be good idea to play with lp on backhand in prder to in crease the offensive capacitiy and it did. Any hit was a kill,but fc with inverse rubber I did not to manage this problem besides the idea of having the table 2 meters longer than it is. As I see it right now maybe with slow anti spin rubber on fc and lp on bc but I see no reason for making such experiment.
killerbee  on 9/22/2013

I dont like the design of the handle at all. Had a newer version with the green plastic sticker and it felt bad. Cheap material, very uncomfortable in the hand, resold it asap. Played with it a little while; it is OK, but not "special".
jackspeed  on 9/2/2013

don't use that with fast rubbers because it has speed enogh
roshvisual  on 1/19/2013

This is my coach's blade

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