Butterfly Defence X

Butterfly Defence X Blade
Approx. $ 96 USD
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User Ratings (4)

Speed 6.7
Control 8.3
Stiffness 2.5   
Some flex
Hardness 4.1   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 8.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 55 / 100
Control 95 / 100
Weight 87g
Defence X Ideal for the steady, mid-distance defender. Made of Willow for excellent feel Larger head than other blades in this category.

Reviews (4)

chop  on 6/8/2019

Defence X is one of the best blades for classical defense (chop/chop game). The blade is large oversized and I think it is the biggest size head blade on the market. Control is top notch and feel and touch are very pleasant. This blade can generate tons of spin when chopping. I think, Defence X is ALL round rather pure DEF blade which let you play topspin shots with confidence when you need it. This blade is much better in chopping than Jo Se Huyk, Sword 309, Defence Alpha or Defense Pro blades. This blade pares really well with TSP Curl P1R or Curl P4 long pimples on BH that support pleasant and easy chopping. Butterfly Tackiness Drive on FH side performed well beyond my expectations. I could return all heavy loops of the best players in my tt club. Tackiness Drive let me play versatile game with Defence X blade because this rubber has great gear range that gave me opportunity to change amount of spin of my chops and loops effortlessly. I am very happy with this beautiful blade. One sad thing about this blade that it has been discontinued and not produced by Butterfly any longer. So, get this blade if you can find it. I guarantee you will love it.
powerlefty  on 4/4/2013

I use this blade as a hard bat along with Butterfly Orthodox rubbers. It is huge. The control and feel of this blade are great. Slow and soft. The only thing I do not like about this blade is its extremely thin handle. It is also way over priced for what you are getting. If it were under $50 and had a fatter handle I would rate this a 9. Unfortunately, it has.is neither, so I am rating it a 7.
Mr.chop  on 4/14/2012

*high flex *Slow blade *good control *expensive I have used this blade for couple of mounth and it is a good def. blade. PRO: *In my oppinion this blade is good for chop oriented game in the mid. distance and has exellent control in the short-push game on the table *The size of the blade is huge, bigger than Joo Se Huyk blade I have. *Blade vibrates a lot. Some players might not like it. But it gives you chance to generate much more spin than with non(or less) vibration blade. *For Long pips players this blade might be interesting. I tried Curl P1(1.0mm) on this blade and it was very slow and did not give any trouble to my opponet. When I removed sponge and used only OX, I get good deseption from the long pips. Some long pips,that did not "work" on Joo Se Huyk blade, "work" just fine with this blade(Giant Dragon Giant Long 0.5mm/OX)-good deseption, very good deseptive block CONS: *If you play modern deffence and like to FH attack, this blade would not be the best choice. *Block(inverted rubber)- not always consistant like with Joo Se Huyk blade. *Expensive CONCLUSION: Good blade for classic def. with chop and push oriented game.
Bahir Nesar  on 12/8/2011

It is as fast as Timo boll zlf no jokes... I use 64 both sides it's not good for defense, just for a soft extremely fast blade

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