Butterfly Defence X

Butterfly Defence X Blade
Approx. $ 96 USD
Price $

User Ratings (4)

Speed 6.2
Control 8.3
Stiffness 1.8   
Some flex
Hardness 4.1   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 8.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 55 / 100
Control 95 / 100
Weight 87g
Defence X Ideal for the steady, mid-distance defender. Made of Willow for excellent feel Larger head than other blades in this category.

Reviews (3)

Bahir Nesar  on 12/8/2011

It is as fast as Timo boll zlf no jokes... I use 64 both sides it's not good for defense, just for a soft extremely fast blade
powerlefty  on 4/4/2013

I use this blade as a hard bat along with Butterfly Orthodox rubbers. It is huge. The control and feel of this blade are great. Slow and soft. The only thing I do not like about this blade is its extremely thin handle. It is also way over priced for what you are getting. If it were under $50 and had a fatter handle I would rate this a 9. Unfortunately, it has.is neither, so I am rating it a 7.
Mr.chop  on 4/14/2012

*high flex *Slow blade *good control *expensive I have used this blade for couple of mounth and it is a good def. blade. PRO: *In my oppinion this blade is good for chop oriented game in the mid. distance and has exellent control in the short-push game on the table *The size of the blade is huge, bigger than Joo Se Huyk blade I have. *Blade vibrates a lot. Some players might not like it. But it gives you chance to generate much more spin than with non(or less) vibration blade. *For Long pips players this blade might be interesting. I tried Curl P1(1.0mm) on this blade and it was very slow and did not give any trouble to my opponet. When I removed sponge and used only OX, I get good deseption from the long pips. Some long pips,that did not "work" on Joo Se Huyk blade, "work" just fine with this blade(Giant Dragon Giant Long 0.5mm/OX)-good deseption, very good deseptive block CONS: *If you play modern deffence and like to FH attack, this blade would not be the best choice. *Block(inverted rubber)- not always consistant like with Joo Se Huyk blade. *Expensive CONCLUSION: Good blade for classic def. with chop and push oriented game.

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