Butterfly Firehand

Butterfly Firehand Blade
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User Ratings (11)

Speed 9.3
Control 6.9
Stiffness 6.3   
Hardness 8.0   
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Overall 7.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.4 / 10
Control 7.0 / 10
Weight 89gr
Plies 5
Materials limba outer, ayous inner
Thickness 7.0mm
There are 4 users using the Butterfly Firehand.
The Firehand is designed for all out power play. Limba outer plies with Ayous inner. The fastest of the Super Core blades.

Reviews (7)

gyman75  on 12/6/2012

very fast and very hard. no dwell time. difficult to control.
Anonymous  on 4/8/2012

what a super blade for all out attacker player
P.H.Wilson  on 7/28/2011

it is not a good blade for beginners, too hard, too fast. When u have looping, the ball stays a t the blade too short. If you are still using it, use a softer rubber may be better.
tt_dreamer  on 7/14/2011

very fast blade,but make a dirty sound(tak tak) while hitting the ball a little harder or straighter...best for any fast rubber like nimbus,blade is difficult to control..very good blocking,loops are good from mid or long distance from the table,but suffers on short looping...overall,i think very fast blade n best for blocking n smash
Rass  on 4/15/2011

Devastating speed for all wood blade

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