Butterfly Fukuhara Ai Special

Butterfly Fukuhara Ai Special Blade
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Speed 9.2
Control 8.3
Stiffness 4.0   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 9
Control 8.0 / 9
Weight 80 +/- 5g
Plies 5
Materials Kiri Inner ,Hinoki Outer plies with 2 Tamca 5000 Carbon
Thickness 6.0
The Fukuhara Ai Special construction is similar to the classic Gergley, Primorac Carbon, Sardius etc., but slightly thinner outer plies of hinoki and inner ply of kiri.

The feel is softish and smooth, with a noticable (but not annoying) vibration feedback from the carbon.

The speed is as butterfly rate it, fast. Slower than Primorac Carbon, faster than Mizutani Jun. It has more flex than Primorac Carbon/Gergley, similar to the Mizutani Jun actually, enough to aid in opening up angles and adding a little bit of extra dwell when playing from off the table. Too quick for choppers or control loopers, suits an aggressive game.

It accomodates a variety of rubbers. T05 becomes a serious weapon, Roundell gives a control game with power attack when you need it. Mark V will make it an easy to use setup with good power reserves.

This blade is lively and the power is delivered very easily. Any high balls you can smack the crop out of with ease. Blocking needs to be precise (if using quick rubbers) as the ball is delivered back with speed. The flex of this blade really does help with creating angles when blocking and playing side spin shots, one of the main things I enjoy about this blade.

The head is compact by about 2mm, so any rubbers cut to fit won't fit your other blades. I used to cut any rubbers I was trialing a bit bigger so I could swap later on. A plus of the head size is it reduces any head heaviness. T64 and Roundell felt balanced, T05 head heavy. One of my training partners has 2 of these blades and uses Donic F2, F3, and Mars rubbers. All feel nicely balanced allowing good head speed and use of twe wrist.

The ones I've owned weighted 83g and 79g. I still have one and get it out occasionaly and contemplate sticking some rubbers on it.

The flared handle is very comfy, slightly thicker than on the Timo Boll series with a less pronounced flare at the base. It's natural wood finish helps prevent it getting slippery with sweat, as opposed to heavily painted ones. The Mizutani Jun blade (and some others) I've had became slippery quite quickly.

Overall, very nice fast blade with some versatility.

Medium or Medium hard rubber is recommended.

Reviews (2)

farrace89  on 10/15/2014

i'm using it with andro rasant grip fh and donic bluefire m1 bh, the fast blade with balanced control, and lightweight, suitable for pro player, for loop and spin
machiney  on 3/2/2013

Light ,small ,powerful but soft ,huge dwell time. Great for aggressive attacker ,st handle is a bit small and short. I used with Sigma I europe FH and Rakza 7 BH ,it's so aggressive conbination. Control & Block is in your hand!

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